Epson Announces 100-ppm Next Generation Inkjet Office Color MFPs

WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 and WorkForce Pro WF-C869R Latest Additions to Epson’s Portfolio



Today, Epson announced two new office printing devices: the WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590 and the WorkForce Pro WF-C869R. The Workforce Enterprise WF-C20590, powered by Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore technology and a stationary line-head, can print up to 100 ppm in both black-and-white and color. This is Epson’s first departmental A3 inkjet device at this print speed. According to Epson, the WF-C20590 utilizes 50 percent less power than traditional color lasers and can print from a mobile devise—or scan to the cloud utilizing a user-friendly 9" touchscreen.


WorkForce Enterprise WF-C20590

Early this year, Epson launched the LX-10000 in limited regions. The WF-C20590 is the North American version of this product and, according to Epson, there are some regional differences. For example, the graphical user interface (GUI) is not the same, nor is the wireless functionality. Ink cartridges are also not compatible with each other. The WF-C20590 has a dual-head single pass scanner that simultaneously scans both sides of a document at up to 110 ipm. A variety of finishing and paper-handling options are available, with the new model designed to compete with comparable Segment 5+ color lasers devices.


WorkForce Pro WF-C869R

Epson also launched a replacement to its WF-R8590 WorkForce Pro: the all new WorkForce Pro WF-C869R. According to Epson, the engine offers several new enhancements, including dual-side scanning support, additional paper trays with media support via main tray, an improved color table and paper-size detection, and an improved GUI control panel. In addition, the product ships with Epson’s replaceable ink-pack system, which can print up to 84,000 pages without changing ink packs. Product availability is scheduled for Spring 2017. Pricing will be determined by channel partners.


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