Mike Bertini is the Director of Textile and Direct to Garment/Direct to Fabric Printing (DTG/DTF). His responsibilities include conducting market research, market forecasting, custom consulting, strategy and planning engagements as well as creating editorial content and reports pertaining to digital textile printing. 

Prior to joining Keypoint Intelligence, Bertini served as Senior Product Manager, DTG at Life Is Good Clothing Co. His accomplishments at Life Is Good include spearheading a new textile digital printing facility including budget, layout, process flow, P&L, ERP implementation, and quality assurance standards. Bertini’s career spans over thirty years in the textile industry where he’s built a solid reputation of integrity and a track record of success. Mike brings an entrepreneurial approach with a focus on producing results specific to each client’s needs.


  • Textile printing
  • ERP implementation
  • Process flow
  • Cost analysis
  • Industry analysis and forecasting
  • Business development