Keypoint Intelligence Reports on A4 Hardware and Supplies in the e-Commerce Channel


Keypoint Intelligence released the results of a new multiclient study A4 Hardware and Supplies in the E-Commerce Channel that offers valuable insights surrounding online purchasing patterns and experiences for all printer, supplies, and paper brands.

Through this research, Keypoint Intelligence gathered information from both consumers and small business customers to take a closer look at the future probability of online purchasing for a number of customer groups. Both surveys gathered in-depth information regarding online purchases for printer hardware, supplies and paper within the past year. The consumer survey was directed at respondents who print in the home for home and work-related purposes, while the business survey included respondents that work at businesses having fewer than 50 employees.

“This study focuses on the rise of the e-commerce channel and shows that as many as 59% of our respondents state they were very satisfied with their online purchase experience,” noted Deborah Hawkins, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Technology Group.  “Additional findings reveal that subscription services represent an opportunity for growth and worker locations play a role in the level of online shopping.”

The Survey captured 1531 consumers and 301 small businesses in the US, as well as 939 consumers and 367 small businesses in Europe. The Keypoint Intelligence respondent profile included the following:

  • Full-time or part-time employee that works 21 hours or more
  • Company has 1 to 50 employees
  • Has responsibility in IT or in purchasing office supplies, products, or services that are used in business operations
  • Has purchased ink and/or toner for printers online after the pandemic began in 2020
  • Purchases ink and or/toner for inkjet or laser printers

To learn more about the findings for the A4 Hardware and Supplies in the E-Commerce Channel multiclient study, please contact Keith LaVangie at or +1.339.337.4737.