New Study by Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends Reveals that Enterprise Procurement Departments are Stifling Innovation in Outsourced Transactional Communications Delivery


– InfoTrends is pleased to announce the completion of its latest study entitled Pricing for Digital: Exploring New Models for Transactional Communications Delivery. This research study helps subscribers identify opportunities for new pricing models for transactional communications and includes insights from 219 North American enterprises, 24 transactional communications service providers, as well as interviews with over a dozen other market stakeholders.

Subscribers will learn how service providers are adopting new pricing models for transactional communications as well as pricing and packaging for digital delivery channels. This study also explores how enterprises are shifting their behaviors for outsourced transactional communications, and their willingness to accept novel approaches to pricing and packaging.

One of the key findings was that line-of-business owners within enterprises often overestimate the flexibility they afford service providers in their RFPs. According to Matt Swain, Group Director at Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends, “The process has actually become so rigid that it is difficult for service providers to illustrate the value they can deliver. This dynamic has tested service providers and the pricing models they are attempting to bring to market. With margins on print & mail services already being squeezed, it is critical that pricing models for digital distribution evolve to put more value in communications creation and management along the creation, management, and delivery continuum.”

This research study is available today and is designed for service providers supporting the transactional communications market, as well as customer communications technology vendors seeking opportunities to identify new pricing models in transactional communications delivery.


For more information on this study or to make a purchase, please view our online brochure or contact or 781 616 2100.

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