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AI Readiness 

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West McDonald

As a leading authority in AI business advisory services and mentorship, West McDonald, founder of GoWest.ai, has made his career as a trusted resource and catalyst for growth through technology innovation by businesses around the world. His knack for helping businesses to leapfrog competitors through effective implementation of cutting-edge business practices has made him a go-to expert for companies looking to leverage AI for business growth.

Featured in top publications like The Imaging Channel Magazine and The Cannata Report, and having spoken at numerous events on AI and business use, including keynoting at the FP Mailing National Dealer event, the Executive Connection Summit, the Big Data Conference, to name a few, McDonald is a proven leader in AI initiative advancement and its applications in various business channels. His insights offer a fresh perspective on how AI can revolutionize your business operations.

Are you Ready for AI?

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AI Readiness

Engaging in an artificial intelligence business readiness assessment is crucial for companies looking to integrate AI effectively. It provides a clear roadmap by evaluating current business processes, identifying potential AI applications, and assessing the readiness of existing infrastructure for AI integration.
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Fractional CAIO

A Fractional Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) offers expertise in AI strategy and implementation on a part-time or consultative basis. Key functions include developing AI strategies, overseeing AI project implementations, ensuring alignment with business goals, and navigating the complexities of AI technology.
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Consultant Access

It’s difficult to predict how emerging innovations like AI will impact your market and transform operations. Our AI services conduct hands-on evaluations of the latest AI document processing tools to measure performance against your existing workflows. We provide data-driven recommendations to help determine market demand, shape compelling products and services, and identify new potential revenue streams.

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Are you Ready for AI?

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, integrating AI has become a crucial element for driving success and staying ahead of the competition. Recognizing this essential shift, Keypoint Intelligence and GoWest.ai have joined forces to support our valued customers and partners in navigating the complex world of AI integration.


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