BLI Analysts Honor the Best Document Imaging Software Solutions Tested This Year with Pick Awards



Fairfield, NJ – Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab (BLI), the world’s leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, today announced its Pick and Outstanding Achievement award recipients in the Document Imaging Software category. These coveted honors recognize the most impressive solutions evaluated by BLI during the prior 12-month test cycle.


BLI’s 2018 Document Imaging Software awards go to the following exceptional solutions*:



Alaris Info Input Express

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation



Canon Therefore Online SMB

Outstanding SMB Information Management & Workflow Solution


Canon uniFLOW 2018 LTS

Outstanding Enterprise Output & Scan Management Solution


I.R.I.S Corp. (a Canon company) IRISPowerscan 10

Outstanding Scan Capture & Processing Solution



Cortado Corporate Server 8

Outstanding Mobile Device Management Solution



Konica Minolta Document Navigator Server V4

Outstanding Document Workflow Solution



Lexmark Testing Assistant

Outstanding Education Solution



LRS Cirrato One

Outstanding Enterprise Print Environment Management Solution



Nuance Power PDF Advanced 2

Outstanding PDF Creation Solution



PaperCut 17

Outstanding Cost Accounting & Cost Control Solution



PrinterCloud from PrinterLogic

Outstanding SMB Print Environment Management Solution



Ricoh Streamline NX v3

Outstanding Fleet & Output Management Solution



FollowMe by Ringdale (Version 6.2)

Outstanding Data Loss Prevention Solution



Xerox App Gallery

Outstanding MFP App Ecosystem


* Not all products are sold in all regions.



Alaris Honored with an Award for Innovation

Alaris Info Input Express is the company’s all-new intelligent, web-based capture, indexing, and routing solution that helps optimize digital business processes in their early stages. BLI analysts chose to recognize the utility with an Outstanding Achievement in Innovation award thanks to several key factors, such as its handy one-touch job buttons and automated indexing and routing to streamline business processes and reduce mistakes, ability to leverage OCR, barcodes, and patch codes for document processing, and integration with leading cloud-services, plus an optional mobile app that lets users capture on the go and submit information to business workflows.


Canon Companies Win Three

Three Canon Inc. companies—NT-ware, Therefore, and I.R.I.S.—are taking home BLI Pick awards in three key categories. Among the output management products evaluated by BLI, Canon uniFLOW 2018 LTS stands out for enterprises thanks to its unmatched integration of functionality and modular, scalable architecture. The platform delivers robust usage tracking, reporting, billing, cost reduction, cost recovery, mobile print, and secure print capabilities. And unlike typical print management platforms, uniFLOW delivers advanced scan-workflow tools to automate processes. When it comes to information management and workflow solutions, Therefore Online SMB distinguishes itself for departmental and small-business use thanks to the prebuilt templates, folders, and reports that help smaller organizations get started without a lot of investment in professional services and IT training. It also offers libraries of forms and other functions focused on the needs of key vertical-market customers and departments within larger organizations. IRISPowerscan 10 won the Pick award as Outstanding Scan Capture & Processing Solution because of its complete document capture and processing feature set, support for hardcopy capture from all leading brands of scanners, electronic document capture from watched folders and popular cloud storage services, top-notch OCR (optical character recognition) engine with support for 137 languages, and IRISFingerprint technology that intelligently recognizes document types on the fly.


Cortado Takes the Pain out of BYOD

While BYOD (“bring your own device”) environments are convenient and enable an increasingly on-the-go workforce, they present significant security concerns. Cortado Corporate Server 8 mitigates the possibility of private corporate data getting into the wrong hands on several fronts, including processing jobs behind organizations’ firewalls rather than in the cloud, allowing administrators to partially or fully wipe corporate data from lost or stolen phones, and protecting data accessed via apps or browsers with SSL encryption. Among its many attributes that helped it win a BLI Pick award as Outstanding Mobile Device Management Solution are the fact that it integrates fully with companies’ existing hardware fleets, Active Directory infrastructure, and Windows servers. The platform also enables administrators to partially or fully wipe corporate data from lost or stolen smartphones and tablets, and supports document sharing and collaboration features to enable optimal productivity and teamwork.


Konica Minolta Helps Manage Information Overload

Managing the myriad documents a business handles, processing them appropriately, and outputting them to the correct destinations can be a time-consuming and expensive challenge for any organization. Document Navigator Server V4 has been honored as Outstanding Document Workflow Solution thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop workflow creator, which enables users to make complex custom workflows, and Free Form feature that automatically routes documents in an unsorted batch to specific workflows based on their content. In addition, the application can automatically check hot folders for input according to an administrator-defined schedule and features advanced image processing, barcode recognition, manual redaction, and OCR (both full-text and zonal) capabilities.


Lexmark Lets Teachers Focus on Teaching

With Testing Assistant, Lexmark has re-invented its groundbreaking MFP-centric test creation/grading platform to make it more powerful and flexible. BLI analysts have recognized it with an award as Outstanding Education Solution because it is a cost-effective alternative to expensive proprietary “bubble sheet” test creation and grading systems that lets teachers spend less time creating and grading tests and focus more on instructing students—as an entire class and in one-on-one sessions. The platform’s reports help educators identify trends in test data for individual students or across the entire class to improve their lesson plans and curricula. Teachers can set goals for individual and groups of questions and sections, or the entirety of a test, to see which or how many students are absorbing the material. The flexible solution lets them configure multiple choice, subjective, and mathematics responses and define their point values.


LRS Cirrato One Simplifies the Enterprise Print Environment

Maintaining a traditional print infrastructure with its various print servers, drivers, and queues is a time- and bandwidth-consuming exercise in most enterprises. Moreover, the cost of printed output is a major drain that often goes unaccounted. Cirrato One from Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc. (LRS), has been named Outstanding Enterprise Print Environment Management Solution thanks to its ability to effectively address these pain points and many others related to an enterprise’s print output. The platform replaces traditional print servers that typically reside at various locations across the enterprise with a central server that handles management of print output, drivers, and queues. And instead of print jobs being sent here and there across the network, the platform enables Direct IP printing from the client PC to the target printer/MFP, which minimizes WAN traffic.


Nuance Brings PDF Creation to Everyone

Organizations of all types and sizes rely on PDF documents for critical internal and external communication. But given the complexity and cost of some PDF-creation platforms, many knowledge workers who could benefit from such a package are relegated to a “read-only” utility for viewing PDFs. Nuance Power PDF Advanced 2 has been named Outstanding PDF Creation Solution because it offers an intuitive design that makes PDF creation and conversion readily accessible to any business user. The program delivers a wealth of features, including an advanced text editor, conversion of files to popular Microsoft Office formats, e-form creation, compliance checking, speech-to-text support, and much more. It also offers a wide range of security features, from encrypted password-protected PDFs to advanced integration with Windows Active Directory Rights Management Services.


PaperCut 17 Watches Print Costs

While there’s no shortage of feature-rich output management platforms to choose from, finding one that won’t break the budget or the back of your IT personnel is more of a challenge. That’s why PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG have collectively been named Outstanding Cost Accounting & Cost Control Solution by BLI’s analysts. The platforms offer accurate tracking of all printer and (for the MF edition) MFP activity which allows organizations to see who is printing/copying what, while customizable reports show how much it all costs. The solution supports departmental, user, and client usage-accounting features that let organizations bill internally or externally for output as appropriate, along with customizable print rules that encourage more cost-efficient printing and reduce an organization’s hardcopy output costs.


PrinterCloud from PrinterLogic Lets Smaller Organizations Optimize Print Environments

Reducing print-related network traffic and streamlining the print infrastructure is not just a worthy goal for large enterprises. Smaller organizations, too, can benefit from the lower costs and lesser IT burden a direct-IP printing solution provides. Therefore, PrinterLogic has put its award-winning solution in the cloud so even IT-challenged SMBs can be up and running in no time. Thanks to its simple setup and affordability, the platform offers low barriers to entry. But it delivers all the features of its on-premises stablemate, including the powerful ability to eliminate once-necessary print servers and their associated costs across an organization. PrinterLogic Cloud also enables secure printing, convenient pull printing, and mobile printing, and delivers essential print management features including job costing/accounting, reporting, and usage control to lower print costs.


Ricoh Streamlines Device Management and More

The analysts at BLI named Ricoh Streamline NX v3 Outstanding Fleet & Output Management Solution thanks to several key strengths. First and foremost, it offers very robust device management features that enable IT personnel to monitor both Ricoh and third-party printers/MFPs across the enterprise. In addition, users can capture paper and electronic documents from almost any source; process a variety of formats such as text, searchable PDF, or Microsoft Word; and then share the information immediately via a wide range of line of business applications, email, FTP sites, network folders, archives, document management systems, and fax. The platform also delivers essential print management functionality, such as the ability to assign pricing to jobs, enable mobile printing and pull printing, and easily set up rules-based printing to help trim output costs.


Ringdale Focuses on Document Security

Security of documents and the sensitive information they contain is of the utmost importance to companies entrusted with such information, especially those in the legal, healthcare, and financial services industries. FollowMe by Ringdale tackles the challenges of protecting confidential information from a variety of angles. The platform’s Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Policy builder enables administrators to set and enforce policies preventing confidential information from being printed and adding relevant watermarks to documents based on content. Moreover, the DLP functionality can alert designated personnel to when violations are attempted or completed. And of course, its eponymous FollowMe secure pull print capabilities ensure document security, increase convenience, and minimize wasteful printing.


Xerox App Gallery

While several OEMs have launched their own “app” portals where partners or customers can access and download apps to extend the functionality of an MFP, the Xerox ecosystem is unique, and has hence been named Outstanding MFP App Ecosystem by the analysts at BLI. For starters, the Xerox App Gallery offers a strong collection of apps for streamlining business processes, improving end user productivity, reducing costs, and boosting security. Beyond that, Xerox is recruiting its partners to develop apps to offer in the App Gallery marketplace or through direct channels, which means there is a broader community actively developing apps to address customers’ challenges. All this development activity means customers can add new features and functionalities to compatible Xerox ConnectKey-enabled devices as their needs evolve.



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