HP Takes Home BLI PaceSetter Award from Keypoint Intelligence for Sustainability in the Office



Fairfield, NJ – Keypoint Intelligence, the world’s leading independent provider of testing services and analytical information to the document imaging industry, today announced that HP has claimed the Buyers Lab (BLI) 2021-2022 PaceSetter Award for Sustainability in the Office. Based on research conducted in the North American market, this accolade recognizes the OEM that is the best at supporting and advancing environmental improvements and initiatives.


For this study, Keypoint Intelligence invited all leading document imaging OEMs to complete an exhaustive questionnaire detailing their environmental efforts and programs in a range of areas including vision, product innovations, labels, and goal management. Participating OEMs were also asked to make key personnel available for in-depth interviews with Keypoint Intelligence’s analyst team to give a more complete picture of their sustainability strategies. After gathering this data, analysts used a proprietary rating scale to determine the BLI PaceSetter Award winners.


HP achieved excellent results across all categories evaluated in this study. A strong standout goes to the comprehensive company vision, which is managed at an executive level and has recently been expanded to comprise human rights and equality. HP is also making steady inroads to reduce the level of single-use plastics in any of its products or manufacturing processes as well as increasing the levels of post-consumer content. With the recent launch of the Impact component of HP’s Amplify reseller program, the company has also brought the channel into the fold of opting in to make a difference.


“Since our last Sustainability study in 2019, media attention and government legislation are forcing major companies to act,” said Deborah Hawkins, Director of Keypoint Intelligence’s Office Group. “Many consumers look to vendors to give them direction, and as the shift to achieve carbon neutrality has accelerated, HP has stood tall and leads office vendors with a target of 2025.”


In addition, the pandemic and long lockdown periods have also given consumers time for reflection on more harmony between life and work, and HP has a strong offering for the prosumer user group. Those who print at home for work and personal use are specifically looking for technology that will support their environmental beliefs—HP has a strong, closed loop message that appeals to many different user types and integrates recycled materials.


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About BLI PaceSetter Awards

Based on exhaustive questionnaires, in-depth interviews, and a proprietary rating scale, Buyers Lab PaceSetter Awards recognize those document imaging OEMs that have shown market leadership in a variety of categories, including technologies, services, and key vertical markets.


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