Saving Money and the Planet: Print Audit’s Impressive PrintReleaf Integration

Reforestation at the Heart of the Partnership


Saving money is important to any business, and saving on print output is one of the most immediate ways to do that. As the winner of countless awards, Print Audit understands this better than anyone. For the better part of 20 years, the company has been helping equipment dealers grow their business with tools that help organizations lower the cost of document output. Never one to stop growing, however, Print Audit recently announced an exciting venture: integration with PrintReleaf, the leader in setting a global standard for sustainable paper consumption.
With the integration, Print Audit customers will be able to take advantage of PrintReleaf’s reforestation program. PrintReleaf tracks paper consumption and provides data to customers on the amount of trees used in their daily operations. This direct connection between wasteful print and harm to the environment is sure to help organizations save more on paper. Once calculated, the customer’s footprint is automatically reforested at the location of the customers choosing. The software allows customers to track the progress of their trees over 8 years. Print Audit will offer access and use of PrintReleaf features right from the application. Already strong offerings individually, the whole industry will undoubtedly be watching to see what Print Audit and PrintReleaf accomplish together.

For more information on the integration, be sure to check out Print Audit’s press release.


Rob Watts
Research Editor
Rob Watts has been with BLI as a research editor for solutions since April 2015. Rob maintains coverage of solutions as well as contributes content on industry news and trends.