Using the Mopria Print Service in a Home Office


We write a fair amount about mobile printing at Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends, but sometimes the best way to assess it is to try it ourselves. I was motivated to do so after I learned that the next version of Android (8.0) will integrate the Mopria Print Service from the get-go. No additional download will be required.

I wanted to see how things stand as is. I recently switched from an iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy, so figured it made sense to try printing from my new device. I still have Android version 7.0, and may not have access to 8.0 for another month or so.

Mopria Print Service

I decided to print the press release announcing the Mopria news. As I’m a remote employee, I tried printing the webpage on my Samsung SCX-3400 series MFP. More and more, people are working remotely (e.g., recent Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends research showed on average people spend about 14% of the time working from a home office), so I suppose I am somewhat representative of a modern office worker.

In summary, the process was not entirely straightforward. I opened the press release, found the “Print” option in the menu, and clicked the option for downloading a print service. I opted for the Mopria Print Service, given the topic of this post.

Once it was downloaded, I tried to print with it. As part of this process, I needed to connect the service to my printer. I tried this numerous times unsuccessfully, following all directions provided. I later discovered that my printer is not Mopria-certified/compatible.

I was determined to print, however, so I then downloaded the Samsung Print Service.

I had a feeling this option might work, as my impression was Samsung plug-ins and apps are optimized for Samsung printers. I was right. Not only could I print over my home office wireless network, but I could also print via Wi-Fi Direct (a direct connection to the printer).

That said, I also tried printing using Samsung Cloud Print—another option suggested to me by my phone. This method did not work; I later discovered it’s because my printer model is not supported.

Keypoint Intelligence-InfoTrends opinion

Perhaps my test was a tad unfair, given I am using an older MFP model (the Mopria Alliance says 95% of new print devices are Mopria-certified). That said, Keypoint-Intelligence research shows that offices in North America and Western Europe typically hold onto a printer or MFP about four years before replacing it; replacement products aren’t always the latest model.

Furthermore, while some models may incorporate all the latest certifications for mobile print, it’s possible not all models within an office will fit this description. Mobile printing to different devices may yield different experiences.

The integration of the Mopria Print Service in Android 8.0 will certainly save users a download, but until all older devices are phased out it won’t guarantee their trusted office printer is compatible. A better bet may be a brand-specific app or print service, or perhaps an enterprise-grade solution that ensures mobile print is quick and easy to any print device from any mobile device.