bliQ Wide Format is here, and it's better than ever.

The Wide Format Market is Growing... and bliQ is Growing With It.


"There is still a great deal of untapped potential in the wide format industry. Businesses that can leverage this opportunity will be well-positioned for future success" 
- Steve Urmano, director of Keypoint Intelligence InfoTrends' Wide Format Printing Consulting Service.

bliQ is excited to announce its latest product offering: a database dedicated to Wide Format printing. The new database encompasses a broad range of devices, including aqueous, UV, latex, eco-solvent and solvent printers of all sizes with MSRPs up to approximately $150,000. 
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In addition to expanding the types of printers bliQ includes, the specifications have gone through a drastic transformation. No longer set in the confines of a traditional copier or printer spec sheet, wide format printers now have a unified, relevant and highly detailed set of specifications. With over 30 fields on color capabilities, new speed and media handling fields, DFE compatibility tracking and more, these Wide Format specifications will be easy to compare side-by-side and save customers time searching for relevant information. 

This new bliQ product offering is designed to help companies in the Wide Format space—or companies thinking about going into the Wide Format space—increase their selling power and stay competitive in the market. This, coupled with Keypoint Intelligence's other powerful Wide Format-oriented insights and tools, can be a game-changing advantage for OEMs and dealers alike.

According to InfoTrends' most recent forecast data, the wide format printing market is experiencing healthy growth. The growth in latex, UV, and aqueous single-pass is expected to more than offset the anticipated declines in solvent and toner volumes. Digital printing technologies continue to exhibit strong growth due to the discovery of new markets and the development of new business areas. Print volumes for wide format production graphics in North America are expected to rise through 2021. Source: InfoTrends Analysis, SGIA 2017 Show Report


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