10 Things You Didn’t Know about Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab Testing

Ever Wonder What Really Happens in Our Lab?




  1. The newest product types we test are 3D printers (and they’re AWESOME!).
  • Each 3D printer will go through its own rigorous hands-on testing similar to the hardware and software tests, but tailored to the capabilities and market of 3D printing.


  1. Over 150 pieces of office equipment are tested each year by our expert team of analysts and lab technicians.
  • We test hardware and software including copiers, printers, scanners, wide format and production devices, and software for document management, workflow, output management, and fleet management from all major manufacturers and ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). BLI is completely independent in all of our testing processes and subsequent reporting.


  1. Our public test reports are the result of months of hands-on evaluations performed by our expert team of analysts and lab technicians.
  • These tests help technicians spot service issues, misfeeds, error codes, and image quality defects, among other things.


  1. Our software reports cover a range of product types including those that handle document management, mobile print, print management, MPS, cost accounting, and more.


  1. To produce the most realistic results possible, our lab replicates real-world scenarios and usage, ensuring our evaluations are thorough and complete.
  • For example, to simulate a typical office environment, we set hardware to be more active during the morning than at night.


  1. Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab performs field tests and custom tests in addition to our standard lab testing.
  • Custom testing encompasses a lot more than our traditional public tests, often including brand new types of testing tailored to vendors’ needs. We also test products not traditionally part of our public test program, such as consumables and other related technologies.


  1. Letter, A4, and A3 paper are tested at our facilities.
  • The USA typically uses letter-sized paper while the UK and most of Europe use A4-sized paper.


  1. After testing is done, the paper being tested is sent to a recycling facility.
  • The recycling company comes twice a week to collect paper from our lab.


  1. All of our public lab reports are available through a bliQ subscription or can be purchased individually.
  • Some of the information presented in these extremely detailed reports include Our Take, Ratings, Benefits/Advantages/Limitations, and photos.


  1. All of our testing results in awards, which are announced throughout the year. Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab grants products that have proven their excellence Pick, Line of the Year, PaceSetter, Outstanding Achievement, and Production PRO awards.