Five MFP Apps to Modernize Today’s Workplace

Take Workflow to the Next Level



Are your customers getting the maximum functionality and convenience possible out of their MFPs? It may be time to follow up and be sure they know about the time-saving apps many device OEMs offer.


1) Mobile Printing apps let you do more than just print emails and documents from your smartphone or tablet. Many now support grabbing documents from cloud services to print to the MFP. The more feature-rich mobile apps also support sending documents from the MFP’s scanner directly to your mobile device.


2) Secure Pull Print apps ensure document confidentiality by holding print jobs at the server or PC and printing them only when the authorized user logs in at the MFP and is present to pick them up.


3) Capture and Route apps allow you to send scans from the MFP to your PC, network folders, cloud services, and other destinations.


4) Custom Control Panel apps let you create a personalized user interface at the MFP that is displayed when you log in to surface the tasks and settings you use most frequently.


5) And some MFP makers support App Libraries where dealers and/or their customers can select and purchase apps compatible with your MFP for download.


To see a wide-ranging list of MFP apps, compatible machines, and more information, check with your office equipment provider. Or, contact us for a demo of bliQ’s Solutions database, which has all that and more!