WATCH: In Conversation with Lawrence Breen of Inland Digital

Dealer principal in NSW Australia talks about the ups and downs during a pandemic



Paul Brady



History pays witness to the constant changes the document imaging industry has undertaken to maintain relevance through the decades. With each wave of disruption, there are often two outcomes: OEMs and dealers embrace change and become stronger, or they wind up severely diminished as they fight change and flail away—frequently due to tiring business models.


In the progressive and mature market in Australia, we are seeing OEMs and dealers begin to emerge from the hard-grip stages of COVID-19 earlier than what many other developed countries have experienced—and Lawrence Breen offers some valuable insights into his experiences along the way. I have known Lawrence for almost 20 years and, in that time, I have grown to have enormous respect for him, what he encapsulates, and the critical role that he and many other regional dealers play in the industry.



Agility and the ability to adapt are key in the office technology and services markets. Successful dealers have a deep understanding of the industry, the advantages that technology and services have to offer (combined with a closeness to the communities they serve), that offers those valuable insights into evolving personas and buying criteria for SMB, which is vital in the development and execution of a business strategy.


This year has certainly had many challenges. During my conversion with Lawrence he spoke candidly about Inland Digital’s 2020 experiences, his leadership priorities, and the opportunities he’s found when “having more time to knit”—or to those not familiar with this colloquialism, it’s about having more time to reflect and strengthen operations.


Lawrence also described how “rain bought confidence” to people and business in 2020 in the central west of NSW. Following several years of drought in the region, the rains finally came and helped the market to recover from the coronavirus with a remarkable uplifting. Whilst drought is not a common occurrence for majority of us in the document imaging industry, the sense of helping each other certainly is.


Positive mentality helps. Watch the clip below today!


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