INFOGRAPHIC: So, You Think Your Print Devices Are Protected?

Make sure you understand the top risks and follow best practices



Christine Dunne



Information security is a top priority in many companies, reinforced by the COVID-19 crisis and expansion of work into home environments. One important component of security is ensuring that network- and cloud-connected print devices, not to mention the data and documents that pass through them—are protected from hackers and other bad actors.


One step toward MFP and printer security is identifying the ways in which these devices can be compromised. Another is learning and following the best practices for mitigating these risks, including applying the optimal security settings to the devices (factory-default settings are often not ideal).


To get a sense of key MFP and printer vulnerabilities and best practices, check out the infographic below—which is based on a recent Keypoint Intelligence report.


MFP/Printer Security Vulnerabilities and Best Practices


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