Keypoint Intelligence Launches Vendor Insights Analyses for Advisory Service Clients

New report distills key research on leading OEMs into a single deliverable



Jamie Bsales


Having the right information at the right time to support project planning, marketing initiatives, and strategic decision-making is what Keypoint Intelligence’s advisory subscription services are all about. So the analysts here are proud to introduce another deliverable that will help our clients in this endeavor: Vendor Insights reports.


The Vendor Insights series presents a top-level look at key document imaging vendors with pertinent information culled from our research and distilled into one report. Each leading OEM will have its own standalone document covering key news and corporate developments, financial results, product placement information, key product introductions, channel news and strategy, and more. In the reports’ Keypoint Scorecard, our analysts also indicate where the vendor falls in relation to the industry average in important areas such as A3 and A4 portfolios, software and services offerings, channel strength, and financial results and outlook. 


Our Vendor Insights include our key research data culled from various sources
and distilled into a single report.


The first Vendor Insights report in the series covers Xerox Corp. Watch for deliverables covering other leading OEMs to debut over the coming months. And please reach out to provide feedback so we can be sure this new deliverable meets your needs.


Subscribers to our Office CompleteView Advisory Service can log in to the InfoCenter to view the Vendor Insights report covering Xerox Corp. Not a subscriber? No problem. Just send us an email at for more info.