Financial Roundup: A Look at 19 Industry Players

A detailed overview of results and analysis of key industry players



Mark Davis


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Each year, Keypoint Intelligence publishes a document looking at the financial health of manufacturers in the global office equipment industry. The 2021 version is now available through our Advisory Services. It covers the performance of 19 industry players in the 2021 fiscal year* to end of March 2022, detailing financial performance and related analysis for the major players in the office and production markets.


In most cases, we show the vendors’ imaging and printing revenue over a five-year span and explain the reasons for any changes. We also review operating profits within imaging and printing divisions to provide another measure of financial health. In the cases where vendors do not report their imaging and printing performance publicly, we substitute revenue and profit information with data from our single-function printer and MFP placement as well as market share estimates.


Here are a few high-level findings from our latest financial review:

  • Vendors continued to experience a wide range of profit margins in 2021, with the aftermath of COVID restrictions and supply chain issues being the predominant cause.
  • Most vendors saw an upswing in revenue compared to the 2020 financial year, with major increases hampered by the aftermath of COVID restrictions, supply chain issues, material shortages, and geo-political issues.  



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*The start and end dates of these fiscal years vary somewhat by OEM