Additive Manufacturing Is Growing in Importance, and at Keypoint Intelligence Too

A sneak peek at the RAPID + TCT 2022 show



Mark DiMattei


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RAPID + TCT, North America’s largest additive manufacturing event, will take place May 17-19, 2022, in Detroit, MI. The organization claims that the show has defined the role of 3D printing and “empowered the establishment of an industry that continues to conceive, test, improve and manufacture new products at a faster, more cost-efficient pace” for the past 30 years.



This year’s show is expected to feature 130+ technical presentations from industry experts as well as more than 400 companies exhibiting their latest 3D technologies and applications. Those unable to attend in person are also able to join the conference digitally through a digital pass on an app, which allows virtual attendees to see keynote presentations and thought leadership panels, explore solutions and products, as well as connect with the experts attending onsite.



We here at Keypoint Intelligence are looking forward to the show as we will be making our fifth trip to RAPID + TCT. “I am most excited to share what we are doing with additive manufacturing testing in our independent lab,” said Pete Emory, Keypoint Intelligence’s Director of Research & Lab Services for US/Asia. “We just wrapped up a comparative test in the liquid resin space, and we will be sharing samples of our deliverable as well as materials that will highlight our test program, the methodologies we have developed, and the multitude of ways in which we can support the manufacturers in areas of sales, marketing, as well as research and development.”


This comes after attempting to enter the additive manufacturing market a few years ago after a custom test project that lost momentum. Emory continues to say: “Former Keypoint Intelligence CEOs were slow in deciding to develop an additive manufacturing program and then issues surrounding the pandemic really stonewalled progress for some time. We are in a new and thrilling place under Anthony Sci’s leadership. We have full, top-down support to open the throttle on this business area.”


“The RAPID show provides a single place for us to interface the 3D device manufacturers, but also allows us to explore many other pieces that are part of the additive manufacturing industry,” said Len Wolak, New Product Area Technician at Keypoint Intelligence. “Some examples include CAD software for designing and creating solid models for printing; materials manufacturers and resellers that provide the raw products (metal powder, filament, resin) for the machines; print object finishing technology and services for operations such as cleaning, polishing, final machining; as well as measurement and quality control of 3D device output. We plan to explore all of this to help build knowledge and expertise in the space and then bring it back to our lab to improve and expand our testing capabilities.”


Additive manufacturing is becoming even more commonplace in the minds of consumers and as a means for production for various industries like automotive, manufacturing, and even food. We at Keypoint Intelligence are very excited to see how 3D printing will continue to grow and the innovative avenues that companies will take to promote their work. We plan to continue exploring and testing additive manufacturing devices—stay tuned to bliQ for more very soon!


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