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Rachel Dean

Achievements shown for vendors, distributors, service providers, resellers, and individuals

It was a pleasure to be invited to the Print.IT Awards 2022 on December 6, 2022—the only awards program for the UK Printer/MFP/IT vendor, reseller, and supplier community.



Greg Cholmondeley

Which company leads the field in our Market Insights Study?

Several production software vendors have participated in the first Keypoint Intelligence Market Insights Study and Pacesetter award for sustainability relating to production workflow. We discuss here the basis for creating our study as well as announce the winner of the Pacesetter award.



Eve Padula

It’s important to understand all your options

Inkjet technology has become increasingly popular in the recent past, and its value proposition aligns well with the communication needs of today’s consumers and buyers. We discuss here the benefits of pursuing inkjet technology as well as its effects on the market.



Sam Keller

Summarizing the current document solutions market, trends, and what’s next for DX

Jamie Bsales has been following the document imaging software market for Keypoint Intelligence since 2007 and the wider IT technology arena since 1992. He has seen a world of change over that time and talks here about what’s new—and what’s next.



Lee Davis

ConnectWise is helping technology service providers with managing IT

The most recent IT Nation Connect conference was held by ConnectWise in Orlando. We discuss here how the show presented managed IT solutions as well as the effect managed IT can have on a business.



Mark DiMattei

Remote workers and layoffs mean re-evaluating your headquarters

While many employees are returning back to the office for work, physical office spaces are shrinking. Our latest infographic looks at data concerning factors that are causing these locations to downsize as well as hybrid work environments.



Mark Davis

And why should businesses care?

Brands are pushing their sustainability messaging to win over consumers with like-minded values. We discuss here the influence that "green" initiatives can have on consumer decisions as well as what companies can do to get more out of their sustainability methods.



Keith Haas

Why it’s imperative to educate employees on emerging technology

Digital literacy is the knowledge and ability to work across various devices, platforms, and tools. We discuss here the importance of digital literacy and how it can benefit companies at any level.



Kevin Karstedt

Plus, what needs to happen for digital printing to become more mainstream?

This year marks the eighth Digital Packaging Summit put on by the PRINTING United Alliance in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. We discuss here some of the key highlights of the show and our thoughts on the future of digital printing.



Eve Padula

An age-old communication strategy can bring new life to marketing

A typical person might collect a handful of physical mail pieces when they visit their mailboxes, but they will likely be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of digital marketing communications each day.