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Mark Davis

And what businesses should look for in the technology they choose

The legalization of cannabis for medicinal or recreational use is a contentious issue, but many print companies are tackling this market. We discuss here how companies, like Brother, are taking advantage of this emerging field.



Eve Padula

It’s important to understand all your options

Inkjet technology has become increasingly popular in the recent past, and its value proposition aligns well with the communication needs of today’s consumers and buyers. We discuss here the benefits of pursuing inkjet technology as well as its effects on the market.



German Sacristan

Canon upgrades their portfolio with a new generation of digital color printers

At the PRINTING United Expo 2022 show, Canon revealed the next generation of its imagePRESS V series: the imagePRESS V900 and imagePRESS V1350. We discuss here some of the key features of these devices as well as their impact on the market.



Keypoint Intelligence

Company continues promoting efficient and sustainable printing, regardless of segment

At PRINTING United 2022 last month, HP announced its latest family of wide format printing solutions: the HP Latex 2700 series. We discuss here some of the key features as well as the device's perceived impact on the market.



Greg Cholmondeley

New research uncovers challenges and opportunities in the production print market

More detailed analysis shows that in-plants are more likely to use print MIS features for workflow management and fulfillment. In contrast, commercial PSPs tend to primarily use print MIS for estimating.



Johnny Shell

New developments are closing in on analog print volumes

Since the introduction of DTG over 20 years ago, the biggest complaint from screen printers has been that “it’s too slow”—but these newer systems may just be the decisive factor for many.



Keith Haas

Why this new method of building homes is here to stay

Large 3D printers are now being developed for the purpose of building houses primarily made from concrete. We discuss here how this technology will affect the construction industry as well as the benefits of pursuing it.



Kevin Karstedt

After four years what stood out to me upon coming back?

At LabelExpo 2022, the energy and enthusiasm for getting back together for an in-person event was everywhere and in everyone I spoke with.



Lindsey Naples

The cover is a sales pitch, but are you buying?

Judging a book by its cover is not only something everyone does, it’s also one of the first things you do when face to face with a book.



Jean Lloyd & Tanya Sherman

Company’s latest digital press to launch at Labelexpo Americas

Jean Lloyd, Principal Analyst of Keypoint Intelligence’s Color Digital Labels & Packaging Advisory Service, welcomed Konica Minolta Senior Vice President of Product Management Dino Pagliarello to our Interview Insights series to share his views on the AccurioLabel 400.