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Company Demonstrates Strength and Versatility of ConnectKey Ecosystem

In November, the analyst and media community were invited to the Xerox Innovation Centre in Uxbridge, UK, to hear how the company is accelerating workplace digitalization by moving its Workplace Assistant strategy forward.



Company Celebrates 30th Anniversary with New Products and Innovations

Throughout this year, the company has held Open House and User Conference days at its various offices around the world to give people a chance to chat with ISIS Papyrus representatives and discover what’s new and exciting about the company’s software.



Is the Print Industry Vertically Challenged?

In our recent trips to the Bett (British Educational Training and Technology Show) event, we’ve seen print management systems that aim to restrict printer use and abuse while cutting costs, special media to make items such as classroom displays and banners, and printing hardware.



London-Based Legal Trade Show Highlights How the Print Industry Addresses the Needs of Legal Firms

Legalex 2017 was a mixture of seminars, networking events and exhibition space for the purpose of helping legal firms and professionals develop and thrive in today’s legal industry.



BLI’s Testing Shows That the Easy-To-Use OMS-500 Helps Businesses Get the Correct Communication to the Right Recipient at a Fast Pace

As anyone who’s ever had to stuff envelopes with letters to customers will know, getting the correct correspondence to the right person is tricky. Thankfully, NeoPost’s OMS-500 software takes the pain out of preparing and sending important business communications.



BLI Experiences Britain’s Biggest Education Trade Show to See How the Print Industry Is Represented

The education market is one vertical that every print manufacturer purports to serve, so it was surprising to see only a couple of the big-hitters—namely Epson and KYOCERA—from the document output world at the BETT 2017 education trade show.



A Recent Visit to the BETT Show 2016 Opened One Editor’s Eyes to the Allure of Vertical Markets

Catering to a vertical market such as education requires a bit of thought and creativity, not a complete overhaul of your current product portfolio.



MyQ Shows Us That the Document Imaging Industry Doesn’t Have to Be Full of Chunky Boxes

Computing and digital imaging equipment is becoming ever smaller, as the MyQ Easybox shows.



Proof That There’s More to the Czech Export Market than Pork Dumplings and Pilsner

When MyQ was first released, it entered a market already saturated with print solutions. Many of them good but, according to MyQ CEO Martin Janus, none of them provided the ease of use and hardware interoperability that he knew the company's customers demanded.



Your Printer Can Do More Things Than You Think! Like everything else these days, printers have greatly benefitted from computer technology, and the average printer now has enough processing power, storage space and memory to let you work much more efficiently.