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Marc Mascara, Ryan McAbee & German Sacristan

Virtual Event Coincides with Original drupa 2020 Date

On June 15, 2020, the Eastman Kodak Company held a long-awaited press conference. Print vendors are now exploring how to best introduce the products that they’ve developed over the past year or two with the delay of drupa.



Colin McMahon

Revealing and Ratifying the Misconceptions Surrounding Gamification

Gamification as a term has sadly suffered the fate of so many other new concepts: It became a buzzword. In part three of our gamification series, we’re going to be looking at how gamification can be misused and shortcuts to avoid if you consider implementing it within your organization.



Christine Dunne

Devices, Associated App, and Content Enable Home Learning

HP is launching new home printers at a time when everybody is home. These new ENVY devices, which are targeted at home learning, integrate new and innovative features responding to clear trends in the market.



Eric Zimmerman

Based on Results from a Collaborative Survey with the China Sign Association

To help understand the current business environment in China, Keypoint Intelligence partnered with the CSA to conduct a survey of their registered members to discuss initial effects of COVID-19 and what economic recovery and business reopening will look like for China in the months to come.



Lee Davis

Nailing Presentations from Home

Captivating an audience is hard enough when you’re in the same room, but it is harder when your audience is in a remote location. Microsoft PowerPoint has a feature that can help us delver better presentations.



Carl Schell

Focusing on Potential Benefits in Time of Unrest

Until a vaccine is available, the world can’t return to pre-COVID-19 conditions—even with a cure, a “new normal” is already under construction.



Deborah Hawkins

Thinking Positive in Difficult Times

e-dox AG was one of the first German dealers that posted anything about keeping customer service running through the pandemic. We spoke to Marcus Putschli, e-dox AG’s Founder and CEO, to hear how business has adapted and/or changed in the short term and for the long term.



Anne Valaitis

Connected, Collaborative, Secure

On May 26, 2020, HP announced new additions to its Personal Systems line of products. These include new EliteBooks, the HP Collaboration All-in-One G6 with Zoom Rooms, and external monitors.



Riley McNulty

A Mosaic of Printing & Imaging Vendors

As the earnings season winds down, we have reviewed a selection of quarterly earnings announcements to measure COVID-19’s impact on printing and imaging manufacturers over the first four months of 2020.



Eve Padula

Educating Customers in the Age of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our industry almost overnight, and today’s businesses are now thinking very differently about their bottom lines, profit projections, and revenues. We all understand that it’s important to develop a sound marketing strategy during these uncertain times, and educating your customers is a vital component of this strategy.