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What the Office Equipment Channel Can Learn from MSPs

Dale Stein, Co-Founder of the Technology Assurance Group, reports that, based on a survey of TAG members, job tickets over the past month have doubled compared to typical MSP workflow.



Mega Dealer Exec Discusses Making an Impact in Managed IT Services

With over 20 years of IT experience, Layton has seen it all. He started with Novell to Windows NT upgrades and segued into the dot-com bubble, after which he entered the consulting space.



Print/IT Convergence Expert Speaks about Dealers and MSPs

With a background in working with dealers (he was previously at Print Audit) and, for the last year at Tigerpaw, MSPs, he can speak both at length and in depth on the blurring of the line between print and IT.



How to Implement a Successful Remote Workforce Strategy

For traditional office equipment dealers, rightsizing a document imaging device fleet is essential to the MPS they deliver to customers, chiefly to lower print costs. For dealers that also offer managed IT services, rightsizing a client’s office can lead to even bigger opportunities.



Company Founder Discusses BTA and TAG Memberships, Managed IT

Cornerstone Technologies is one of seven office equipment dealers that took the plunge in 2019 and became a TAG member, on top of already being a member of the Business Technology Association.



On the Verge of 2020, TAG Helps Members Prepare for Further Growth

Though the sessions on security and the cloud carried the most weight, no surprise as they’re two of the biggest topics today in not only the IT space but the imaging sector too, the rest of the program was equally informative.



New President Speaks about His Career, the Company, and the Dealer Channel

Today, thanks to a well-executed acquisition strategy as well as continued organic growth in areas such as the office, production, and managed IT services, the company’s annual revenue is north of $400 million.



Standalone Firm Versus Tech Dealer? The IT Roadmap?

Why would an organization choose a dedicated IT house to provide service rather than a technology dealer, or vice versa? What will IT infrastructure look like in the future? Let’s dig in!



A Gathering Full of Analysis, Insight, and Good Times

Over a couple of days in mid-September, approximately 82 reps from 51 dealers were treated to a round of seminars and afforded ample time to converse with exhibitors, of which there were 49.



On the Importance of Security and the Cloud…

Security and the cloud. The cloud and security. No matter the order, they’re two of the hot topics du jour in the technology space. With managed IT, the argument could be made that they are the two hottest topics.