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Eve Padula

Leveraging LinkedIn to Get and Stay Connected

Although the original intent for LinkedIn was to create a site for seeking employment and filling positions, it has since evolved into much more. By using the website the right way, individuals and businesses can become engaged with like-minded business professionals and establish mutually beneficial relationships.



Jamie Bsales

The Healthcare Industry’s Go-To “Technology” Is a Nightmare for Large-Scale Information Exchange

The COVID-19 crisis has put into sharp relief a lot of the technological shortcomings that organizations have been living with. This blog explores how fax has managed to hang on in certain industries.



Christine Dunne

85 Questions Explore Remote Work Printing, Scanning, and More

This blog explores the results of Keypoint Intelligence's The US Future Office Survey: Working from Home During COVID-19 study.



German Sacristan & Eve Padula

The Commitment to Close the Gap between Analog and Digital Continues

On July 15, 2020, Canon announced the launch of its new ProStream 1800 continuous feed printer, the latest model in the ProStream 1000 series. This introduction represents Canon’s most recent effort to shift more print volumes from analog to digital.



Colin McMahon

Examining Specific Scenarios for the Print Industry

In our final blog entry on gamification, we will take a closer look into exactly how adding game design elements to certain elements of the print industry can lead to results. We will outline a few strategies and provide some examples to help solidify ideas that we’ve been discussing in the first three blog posts.



Christine Dunne

Market Already in Decline Despite 2016–2018 Boost

While we can’t separate the global pandemic from the current state of affairs, we can remark on the sector’s trendline prior to the crisis. This blog explores the state of the office print market before COVID-19.



Colin McMahon

Why HP is Continuing to Invest in Virtual Reality

VR has excelled during the coronavirus outbreak, with many businesses looking to new, digital ways to communicate and collaborate.This blog explores HP's newest VR headset: the Reverb G2.



Christine Dunne

Will Firms Move to Personal Printers or Just Be More Careful?

As many employees begin returning to the office, a key question for our industry is: How will print behavior change? This blog explores CDC regulations and how they will affect print structures within US companies.



Carl Schell

Guidance from Norwegian Print Advisor

The contrast in the dealer landscape in Europe versus the United States is stark. Hardly a profound statement considering the difference in countries, languages, and currencies, but it bears repeating.



Anne Valaitis

Working through the Pandemic and Modeling for the Future

InfoComm, the AV industry’s preeminent tradeshow, went virtual this year. The Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association that produces InfoComm made the decision to organize a large-scale virtual experience.