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New Partnerships Help Further Address a Major Customer Concern

At the One Canon Event 2018 held for press and analysts in mid-February, Canon Solutions America (CSA) unveiled two significant initiatives to address customers’ omnipresent concerns about device and document security.



Mobile Print Service to Debut in Spring 2018

For businesses that have grappled with trying to deliver easy, reliable printing to every user wherever they may be and from whatever device they may be using, HP Inc. is readying its answer: HP Roam.



BLI analysts, editors and art directors have been working the past several months to debut a revamped BLI Solutions Report format, the first of which (on PaperCut MF 15) debuted in September.



There was plenty of news that came out of the Samsung National Dealer Meeting, but one of our favorite items on the show floor was something you couldn’t see. Lurking inside select Samsung A3 and A4 XOA-equipped MFPs is a fully functional data collection agent (DCA)—the utility at the heart of all MPS systems that communicates meter counts, device-status information, consumables levels and other pertinent information from the client site back to the dealer.



A steamy Miami Beach was the backdrop for the 2015 Samsung Printing Solutions National Dealer Meeting, where 150 dealerships from around the country had representatives in attendance to see that latest Samsung offerings in the printing, solutions and services arenas. The overarching takeaway: The industry is at an inflection point, where disruptive technology shifts will fundamentally change the business.



While it seems the strategies of some OEMs is to focus on direct sales and enterprise solutions, leaving their independent dealer partners out of that loop, Xerox Corp. is looking toward its dealer base to help fuel further growth. During a briefing with key analysts, the company outlined several products and initiatives that should bolster its channel support and offerings.



Smartphones and tablets do a lot of things well, but one area where they fall short is in printing. Viewing documents, email messages and web pages is easy enough, but trying to get those to paper when needed can be a frustrating, multi-step exercise. Printer and MFP makers have responded by releasing mobile print apps for the popular smartphone operating systems, but those apps have their limitations. For starters, such apps work only with a subset of the maker’s own devices, which means a user might have to have several apps loaded if they use different brands of printers. Moreover, features and ease of use vary from one app to the next, and because of the way mobile operating systems render documents to be printed, the image quality of output can be less than ideal.