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Managing Documents in a Mac World

Whether you’re a lawyer, accountant, office manager, healthcare professional, or project manager, today’s hectic flow of daily business makes it near impossible to maintain a clean and organized file system for paper and digital documents.



A BLI Preview of drupa 2016

With just a few weeks to go until the world’s largest trade show for the commercial and corporate production printing markets opens its doors in Düsseldorf, Germany, BLI caught up with one of the industry’s major players to see what it has planned, and to divine the key messages to come out of drupa 2016.



Printing in the Office or from Virtual Desktops Can Be Hard to Manage, but ThinPrint Provides Some Succor

Ask any IT administrator about what vexes them about their workload and there’s a good chance that high on the list is the onerous task of managing a busy, heterogeneous print environment.



Focus Is On Integrating Sustainability and Business Strategy

As a global company operating in over 120 countries, HP takes its social and environmental responsibilities very seriously. In fact, HP cites sustainability and the circular economy as being the twin cornerstones that drive innovation throughout its global operations and services.



Innovative Roof Cassette and Compact Design Offer an Easy Desktop Fit

Muratec looks to attract Japanese buyers with its new MFX-5180, which the company is marketing as the ‘world’s smallest A3-capable MFP’. It’s compact enough to sit unobtrusively on desktops, and its small-office footprint should certainly appeal to space-sensitive businesses.



UK’s First National Commercial Print Industry Event Staged Birmingham—once famed as the ‘City of a Thousand Trades’—staged the inaugural event of The Print Show in its hangar-sized National Exhibition Centre. With a focus squarely on the UK print industry, exhibitors rolled in from all sides, which made for a richly divergent event—we saw beautiful letterpress art, spellbinding book binding craft and bold futuristic 3D printed sculptures.



The Humble Barcode Is over 40 Years Old and Is Still Going Strong Most people are unlikely to recognize the name Alan Haberman, and certainly not when mentioned in the same breath as other luminaries such as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates or Tim Berners-Lee. Yet Haberman’s endeavours arguably have had an equally huge impact on the social and economic world. You will encounter his legacy almost anywhere you look, whenever you buy something, attend a concert or sporting event, travel, send a package via courier or have a prescription refilled at your local pharmacist. Haberman championed the use of a small black-and-white symbol—the Universal Product Code (UPC)—which encoded product data electronically, and he oversaw its adoption in manufacturing and retail practice.



A prime advocate of ‘workstyle innovation’, Ricoh has broadened its focus to develop new strategies and technologies around a services-led portfolio, with an emphasis on adapting and optimizing information and collaboration processes. Recently, Ricoh Innovations Corporation, headquartered in the United States, set up a new Visual Services and Solutions business unit tasked with “understanding and interpreting the world’s visual information in order to provide an enhanced human experience”. One of its remits is developing products for B2B markets related to the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry. In Europe, Ricoh is building on the success of its Communications Services line in B2B markets. Arguably, it is well placed to do so given that its Swedish arm has already established a firm foothold in delivering B2B communication services in the Nordic region. As part of its ‘Ricoh Connect and Collaborate’ offering, Ricoh provides visual solutions, such as video conferencing, interactive white boards and digital signage, that are designed to encourage and foster better communication and collaboration in the workplace.