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Lee Davis

Shortages and delays are a problem, but the industry should meet demand

While many businesses are utilizing scanners for their hybrid offices, supply chain delays and semiconductor shortages have made producing more devices difficult. This blog explores the document scanner supply chain dilemma and how OEMs and vendors can meet demand.



Jamie Bsales

Supply chain woes shed light on a problem 30 years in the making

The issue of offshoring semiconductor manufacturing to Asia-Pacific has been growing for years. This blog explores the dangers of centralizing chip production to one location as well as the steps taken to rectify the problem.



Lindsey Naples

Can virtual reality help you cope with it?

This blog focuses on the mental health concerns surrounding the pandemic and the possibility of alleviating those issues with Virtual Reality



Carl Schell

Keypoint Intelligence’s public-facing content educates readers, expands in scope

We entered this year still in the thick of battling COVID, and as we prepare to flip the calendar to 2022, the print industry and the entire world continue to face a chip shortage and a slow supply chain. In between all that was a gluttony of compelling news, including anything and everything related to digital transformation.



Colin McMahon

Print in a diversified space

As is customary at end of year, the Office Group at Keypoint Intelligence provided annual predictions for the year ahead and this blog summarizes that presentation.



Christine Dunne & Eve Padula

If you’re receiving more catalogs this year, you’re not alone!

This year, I thought I noticed an uptick in the number of holiday catalogs I received in the mail. I wasn’t sure if it was just me or an actual phenomenon, so I conducted an unofficial survey among my co-workers.



Christine Dunne

Popular podcast champions print in multiple ways

This blog summarizes the recent references to print in the "We Can Do Hard Things" podcast; representing something different and interesting about the demand and opportunity for print.



Deborah Hawkins

Cloud Workspace Collaboration and Print in City Solutions

This blog focuses on Canon Europe's recent announcement of two technology solutions to support hybrid working: the Cloud Workspace Collaboration (CWC) and Print in City (PIC).



Eric Zimmerman

Durable graphics outlook during economic recovery

This blog takes a look at the top five reasons wide format print service providers (PSPs) were so resilient in the face of COVID-19.



Greg Cholmondeley

Reflections from the INg conference

This blog summarizes conversations had at the recent 2021 Executive Workshop in Orlando, FL, where much of the networking conversations revolved around postage, labor, supply chains, and paper.