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Deborah Hawkins

An important new insight for all printer, supplies, and paper brands

No one needs to be told that online purchasing increased during the pandemic, but Keypoint Intelligence’s latest Multi-Client Study, A4 Hardware and Supplies in the E-Commerce Channel, looks much deeper at future “stickiness” for many customer groups.



Andrew Young

The effects of paper-hoarding and other supply related issues are impacting growth for 2022

Imaging Network Group (INg) kicked off its 31st year with the spring meeting in Tucson, AZ.



Andrew Young

A quick recap of the three-day event

Document Strategy Forum (DSF) took place near Chicago at the Hyatt Regency Rosemont from April 4-6, 2022 and was the organization’s first in-person three-day event since DSF 2019 in Anaheim.



Randy Dazo

The workplace after COVID, vertical market resurgence just two of the topics

In this Interview Insights with Chris Marshall, Commercial Director of Brother International Europe, we discuss Brother’s continuum of solutions in relation to the pandemic.



Carl Schell

Breaking down consolidation figures in the print industry

We have seen nine acquisitions this year in the US, which puts us on pace to be right around 2021’s total. Mega dealers made four of them, including UBEO’s purchase of Centric Business Systems in Maryland.



Johnny Shell

Value-based manufacturing and micro-factories are disrupting the norm

Large quantities of fashion and apparel items that are manufactured are not sold at full retail price. We make too much that does not sell, and the traditional volume-based manufacturing model is broken.



Keypoint Intelligence

Central New York Magazine offers a shining example

While the impact of digital communication on print is difficult to dispute, there’s also evidence to believe readers are craving hardcopy experiences.



Mark Davis

Why we shouldn’t abandon print in education post-lockdown

Print is by no means becoming extinct in the education sphere and it is beneficial to have the choice to try digital learning as an alternative to more conventional methods.



German Sacristan

Where is the print market going?

We are currently seeing times of uncertainty in the print industry due to different crises created by different sources. This blog explores the four trends that we believe will change the print ecosystem.



Deborah Hawkins

The impact of home and office print on the document industry

As COVID incidences drop and levels of vaccination continue to rise, the “new normal” is now in sight. This blog explores how the pandemic has effected print volumes as well as how businesses will be affected by new work structures.