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Mark DiMattei

Introducing new parental security measures to protect teens online

Social media may feel like it's been a part of our lives for forever, but we are still working out how everyone can use it safely. We discuss here how certain social media apps are enacting safety controls for teens as well as the dangers that younger users can face.



Randy Dazo

Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing talks about Epson’s approach to technology and marketing

Earlier this year, Joe Contreras was appointed Director of Commercial Sales & Marketing for Epson America’s line of business inkjet printers. Randy Dazo sits down with him to discuss Epson's A3 inkjet technologies as well as how the company managed during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Mark DiMattei

What they mean and why you should care

There has been plenty discussion of user experience and user interface in the industry, but what do those terms actually mean? We discuss here the basics of both as well as offer some tips for aspiring solution designers.



Greg Cholmondeley

If you’re bleeding time and money, now is the time to change!

Labels are an essential way to differentiate and even personalize products to capture wider attention, but they also lead to complexities for converters. We discuss here some of the common issues facing label producers as well as how AI could be a solution to overcome them.



Jamie Bsales

e-BRIDGE Global Print supports driverless, secure pull printing

Toshiba America Business Solutions has recently released its new e-BRIDGE Global Print app, which seeks to simplify the printing process. We discuss here some of the key features and implications this app will have on the market.



Rachel Dean

Company launches 26 new A3 color and mono devices

HP recently announced the launch of the HP LaserJet Managed E800/E700 series, which includes 26 devices in total. We discuss here some of the key features as well as the effects these devices will have on the hybrid office.



Greg Cholmondeley

The difference between getting work in and getting it out

Automation is a key factor in saving time, money, and resources of your business, but 80% of print service providers still use manual labor for over half their jobs. We discuss here how automation solutions and AI can assist print shops with achieving a more efficient workflow.



Mark DiMattei

Reducing e-waste or creating more: you decide!

Earlier this month, the European Union announced that it was going to require all new smartphones, laptops, and tablets to use a common charger by 2026. We discuss here the implications, challenges, and benefits that this new ruling can have on the market.



Deborah Hawkins

Why businesses should care, especially now

Document digitisation is key and represents the foundation of any digital business infrastructure.



David Sweetnam

Going beyond brochures to get the facts

When digital production print first emerged, the ability to print high quality pages at a high speed over short commercially viable print runs sent shivers up the collective backs of offset manufacturers; they could suddenly see some of their lunch being slowly eaten by a new group of relatively low cost, aggressive competitors.