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Keith Haas

MPS Monitor gains a key role in creating a globally integrated managed print SaaS platform

MPS Monitor has announced that they have been acquired by the Valsoft Corporation in a move that the company feels will strengthen their offerings.



Jamie Bsales

IT directors are looking to outsource more of their IT infrastructure

To determine the buying trends we can expect to see in the coming months and years, Keypoint Intelligence’s analysts conducted in-depth interviews with key IT decision makers (IT director level or above) across several industries in the US, UK, and Germany.



Keith Haas

Is your business protected from cyberattacks?

The conveniences that Internet-connected devices add to the lives of tech-savvy individuals and business professionals is welcome across the board, but having such interconnectivity comes with cybersecurity risks.



Sam Keller

Looking at research and diversification in the office document industry

As one of our subject matter experts at Keypoint Intelligence, Deborah Hawkins has extensive consulting skills and has helped major industry brands to expand strategies and explore new ground. She answers a few of our questions in our first Chatting with Keypoint Intelligence Experts concerning the office print market and its future.



Kris Alvarez

What this means for consumers and the future of the market

HP Europe and Brussels-based consumer advocacy organization Euroconsumers have reached a settlement agreement in the case of HP’s Dynamic Security feature. We discuss here the key features of this deal as well as the effect this will have on consumer expectations.



Carl Schell

Revealing the final eight large-scale technology providers on the list

It’s a products and services world, and the mega dealers are acing the test. Sure, they have the human resources and the capital to make things happen on a grand scale—or to make new revenue streams happen.



Lindsey Naples

The cover is a sales pitch, but are you buying?

Judging a book by its cover is not only something everyone does, it’s also one of the first things you do when face to face with a book.



Greg Cholmondeley

Adoption is increasing in some areas but not in others

The Keypoint Intelligence 2022 North American Software Investment Outlook was recently published and yielded a wealth of insights.



Priya Gohil

Solution provides robust, final parts at scale for industrial, healthcare, consumer, and automotive markets

HP launched its long-anticipated Metal Jet S100 3D printer at the 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS).



Lee Davis

Dental additive manufacturing evaluations from Keypoint Intelligence

Dental additive manufacturing (DAM) is revolutionizing the dental industry, and Keypoint Intelligence has expanded its 3D print testing services to include it!