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Eve Padula

Compelling mail pieces can make an impact and increase engagement

Although direct mail is certainly not the only way to deliver a message, it can be a great way to get noticed. We discuss here the benefits of using direct mail as well as how to stand out in a digital world.



Mark DiMattei

Looking at how smart your smartphone can be

Most people carry at least a smartphone on them at all times, and have loaded their device up with the apps they use the most, but how many actually think about the AI functionality of these apps? We discuss here 10 common forms of AI found in mobile devices and their everyday use.



Jamie Bsales

e-BRIDGE Global Print supports driverless, secure pull printing

Toshiba America Business Solutions has recently released its new e-BRIDGE Global Print app, which seeks to simplify the printing process. We discuss here some of the key features and implications this app will have on the market.



Carl Schell

Which two companies came out on top in this topical Market Insights study?

The ability to connect and communicate virtually has been accelerated, amplified, and improved since remote work has become part of everyday life. We discuss here the winners of the first BLI Pacesetter Awards in Remote Conference & Collaboration as well as the basis behind these awards.



Rachel Dean

Company launches 26 new A3 color and mono devices

HP recently announced the launch of the HP LaserJet Managed E800/E700 series, which includes 26 devices in total. We discuss here some of the key features as well as the effects these devices will have on the hybrid office.



Jamie Bsales

He drove the company to embrace innovation to expand beyond print

Xerox Vice Chairman and CEO John Visentin recently passed due to complications from an ongoing illness. We discuss here Mr. Visentin's impact on Xerox's direction as well as his influence in the industry.



Peter Mayhew

A progress report on the company’s journey to 2030

HP has reported good progress towards its 2030 sustainability goals. We discuss here the findings HP has released regarding its HP Amplify Impact program, sustainability efforts, and challenges the company still faces.



Greg Cholmondeley

The difference between getting work in and getting it out

Automation is a key factor in saving time, money, and resources of your business, but 80% of print service providers still use manual labor for over half their jobs. We discuss here how automation solutions and AI can assist print shops with achieving a more efficient workflow.



Johnny Shell

We’re seeing similarities to the early days of direct-to-garment

Direct-to-Film transfer technology continues to grow at an enormous rate and is poised to displace a notable share of apparel that is currently produced by direct-to-garment. We discuss here some of the challenges as well as some new entrants in the market.



Greg Cholmondeley

Showing the best the industry has to offer for in-plants

The 2022 In-plant Printing and Mailing (IPMA) conference occurred in Buffalo, NY from June 12-16. We discuss here some of the key highlights from the event as well as the vendors that exhibited.