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Mark DiMattei

Reducing e-waste or creating more: you decide!

Earlier this month, the European Union announced that it was going to require all new smartphones, laptops, and tablets to use a common charger by 2026. We discuss here the implications, challenges, and benefits that this new ruling can have on the market.



Peter Mayhew

Ricoh Europe wins first-ever BLI Pacesetter Award in Remanufactured Hardware from Keypoint Intelligence

The refurbishing and sale of used equipment had previously been a relatively incremental activity for office vendors, but some manufacturers have taken the opportunity to make better use of their returning hardware and structured remanufacturing processes to place used equipment back into the market. We discuss here the winner of the BLI Pacesetter award for remanufactured hardware.



Mark Davis

A detailed overview of results and analysis of key industry players

Each year, Keypoint Intelligence publishes a document looking at the financial health of manufacturers in the global office equipment industry. We discuss here some of the key points from this report.



Jamie Bsales

Looking the latest cyber threats and how to combat them

Sponsored by ConnectWise, the leading vendor focused on managed IT services providers, the IT Nation Secure event focused on cybersecurity for several audiences. We discuss here the highlights of the event as well as some of the challenges facing cybersecurity professionals today.



Mark Davis

The lucrative link between social media and print publishing

While the TikTok app is mostly used for entertainment, a recent development of "BookTok" (videos that review and discuss books) has caused a link between social media and print. We discuss in this infographic how BookTok has influenced the print market.



Greg Cholmondeley

Looking back at a show exposing conflicting perspectives

Esko hosted their 2022 user conference, EskoWorld, at the Gaylord Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. We discuss here some of the key sessions and vendors present at the show.



Johnny Shell

Is this a promising future or dark reality?

Trade shows have been a source of new business for a long time, but there are probably few traditional exhibitors in the printing industry that don’t have a love/hate relationship with them. We discuss here the efficacy of trade shows as they currently are as well as ways to improve them.



Deborah Hawkins

Why businesses should care, especially now

Document digitisation is key and represents the foundation of any digital business infrastructure.



David Sweetnam

Going beyond brochures to get the facts

When digital production print first emerged, the ability to print high quality pages at a high speed over short commercially viable print runs sent shivers up the collective backs of offset manufacturers; they could suddenly see some of their lunch being slowly eaten by a new group of relatively low cost, aggressive competitors.



Lindsey Naples

Keypoint Intelligence’s newest poll on the impact of reusing materials

I’m more likely to purchase things made using recycled materials rather than ones that aren’t as environmentally friendly. Do other people feel the same?