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Christine Dunne

Ricoh Sustainability Director Shares Ideas for Workplaces and Industry

It's clear that the current COVID-19 pandemic represents an opportunity for workplaces and office equipment vendors to reassess and enhance their sustainability efforts.



Aaron Hale

Traditional OEMs and Dealers are Expanding Service Offerings to Remain Competitive

Until recently, security was relegated to protecting multifunctional devices and printers and the output that they produced. This blog explores the other security methods that have developed since then.



Lee Davis, Kaitlin Shaw & Deborah Hawkins

Partnerships Highlighted During Annual Analyst B2B Briefing

A few of Keypoint Intelligence's analysts attended the annual B2B briefing from Brother USA. This blog explores the key items and issues presented.



Jamie Bsales

Eliminating Physical Interaction with the Copier’s Control Panel

This blog explores a number of touchless MFP solutions currently available. Many vendors have introduced solutions that will all but eliminate the need for users to touch the control panel.



Ryan McAbee

COVID-19 Moves the Market Down Over 5% in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing disruption in the global print production workflow market as supply chains are strained globally and print operations are interrupted locally. This blog details findings from our Forecast and the coronavirus' effects on them.



Ryan McAbee

The Effects of COVID-19 Have Hit the Industry Hard

The second quarter of 2020 was not kind to the printing industry’s economic outlook or print companies’ financials.This blog explores the financial outlook for the printing industry.



Aaron Hale

The Controversy Surrounding TikTok and WeChat

Technology can help us to grow our businesses, educate our children, increase the speed of gathering information, and facilitating important research, but it also puts our personal information at risk. This blog explores these dangers using TikTok and WeChat as examples.



Eve Padula

Ongoing Shifts Bring Challenges, Spark Debates, and Introduce More Questions

After the COVID-19 outbreak, many schools and businesses were forced to shut down. This blog explores the pros and cons of working from home.



Lee Davis

Saying Goodbye to On-Premises Print Servers and Print Drivers for Good

In many workflows, cloud-based technology is replacing the need for print while, at the same time, cloud technology makes print more secure and convenient to use. This blog explores Microsoft’s new cloud-based print management solution: Microsoft Universal Print.



Aaron Hale

People Can Be Your Weakest Link or Your Best Defense

Security is a combination of people, processes, and technology. While they work in concert to protect an organization’s intellectual property or sensitive information, the people component has proven to be one of the weakest links in an organization’s security posture.