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Eve Padula

Even in a challenging environment, they exist!

Many businesses entered 2020 cautiously optimistic about the opportunities of the future, but those expectations were shattered by the forced closure of non-essential businesses. This blog explores the actions that various printing companies are exploring so they can maintain growth as we emerge from the pandemic.



German Sacristan

Against all estimations, only a few commercial printers were forced to close in 2020

Business bankruptcy estimations during the pandemic were high, but have since shown that only a very small number of commercial printers closed their businesses by the end of 2020. This blog explores the actual closures of PSPs during the COVID-19 crisis.



Colin McMahon

How internal development can drive engagement

Given the economic hardships created by the pandemic, outfitting a successful company can be more challenging than ever before. Part 2 of this series explores employee growth.



Jamie Bsales

Distinct software, finance, and innovation units to stand alongside core printing business

Xerox Corp. is one of the document imaging industry players currently reorganizing to help the company better align its businesses to market demands. This blog explores some of the key details behind this restructuring.



Deborah Hawkins

Planet, people, and communities are the heart of the matter

Today, HP launched the Impact extension of its Amplify Partner Program that is aimed to drive change in the IT industry. This blog explores the main aspects of this new program.



Christine Dunne

Large-capacity ink tank models and remote working demand two driving forces

When we saw that Epson’s printing solutions business had a 20% operating margin in Q3 and added 6,630 jobs since March, we were eager to know more. This blog explores our findings.



Eve Padula & Eric Zimmerman

Latex 700 and 800 printer series bring increased versatility and sustainability

With a focus on addressing concerns brought up during the pandemic, HP has furthered its investment in the sign & graphics market and introduced its Latex 700 and 800 printer series, announced updates the Latex Print and Cut Plus series, and highlighted new additions to its PageWide XL printer series at the beginning of February.



Jamie Bsales

New report distills key research on leading OEMs into a single deliverable

Keypoint Intelligence has announced the release of our Vendor Insights reports. This series presents a top-level look at key document imaging vendors with pertinent information culled from our research and distilled into one report.



Colin McMahon

Acquires CareAR for more robust remote service support solution

One of Xerox’s latest moves, the acquisition of AR support platform provider CareAR, is further evidence that the largest players in the print OEM space are ramping up efforts to make their hardware and software easier to use in remote, decentralized environments.



Ryan McAbee

A digital shift from the annual EFI Connect event

EFI kicked off its annual user group event this week under a new name, Engage, which signifies the pivot to a virtual event. This blog explores some of the top-level aspects at the start of the event.