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Christine Dunne

New Knowledge, Products, and Processes Will Help Pave the Way Forward

Office equipment dealers have been hurt by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they are ready to bounce back stronger than ever. Dealerships interviewed for this piece say the last couple of months have given them extra time to learn new skills, brainstorm new product offerings, and improve processes.



Carl Schell

Throughout Coronavirus Pandemic, MSP Leader Emphasizes Process, Teamwork

Basically an IT lifer, not to mention a straight shooter (his family nicknamed him “Stone Cold”), Greg Sweers rose through the ranks at a medium-size and a large MSP before founding ACTS360 in 2002.



Eve Padula

Smart Planning During a Time of Pause

Keypoint Intelligence’s research has confirmed that most print service providers have seen a drop-off in sales and/or an uptick in cancelled orders due to current market conditions. In times like these, it’s actually more important than ever to focus on the marketing element of your business strategy.



German Sacristan

Figuring out How to Get through a Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have two choices: we can react to what is happening or act before it does. If we hope to influence the outcome, we must shift our focus from what is going to happen to what we want.



Ryan McAbee

Insight from the Software Investment Outlook Studies

This article promotes Keypoint Intelligence's European and North American Software Investment Outlook reports. These research reports can help PSPs evaluate financial health and operational execution.



Colin McMahon

Epic Meaning and Calling People to Action

Gamification has the power to impact your business on multiple levels every day. This is part two of our series on the subject matter.



Christine Dunne

Innovation, Manufacturing, and Philanthropy Mix to Address New Reality

The office technology and production printing sectors continue to use innovation, manufacturing, and philanthropy to help medical professionals, patients, workers, and the general public during the COVID-19 crisis. This blog reviews many of these initiatives.



Lee Davis

Meetings Don’t Have to Suck

Trying to host meetings online has always come with a variety of problems. Sharp's Synappx Meeting solution has been developed to overcome a number of these issues.



Colin McMahon

What Is Gamification and Why Does It Matter?

Gaming has been an entertaining hobby for years, but now it is proving to have more business-focused applications. This blog series explores gamification and how it can affect companies' employees and their retention rates.



Jamie Bsales

On-Premises Servers, Devices, and Data Are Useless When No One Is There

Businesses are still far too reliant on the traditional on-premises architecture. While many companies have migrated some functions to the cloud, the COVID-19 pandemic saw plenty of IT folks scrambling to set up VPNs to allow remote access to critical applications and files that reside on-site.