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Examining Financial Modeling for the Dealer Community

If you’re not following all the benchmarks included in the industry’s financial models to identify areas of your business that are not operating as they should, you could be losing out on massive profits.



Commitment to Collaboration and Partnerships Elevate Company’s Value Prop

Jerry Blaine is a funny man. Busy, too. “When people ask me if I see my five grandkids often, I tell them ‘Nah, only three or four times a week,’” he said. “They’re a little gang, from age three to eight, and it’s usually best if you don’t get in their way. I do the same things with them as I did with my two daughters, just slower.”



Employee by Day, Mother Always

Mary Raleigh, who has helped resolve subscriber concerns for nearly 11 years, sat down to tell us a little about herself, her interest in photography, and how her career has developed here at BLI.



Targeted to Tech-Savvy Consumers, the DeskJet 3755 is Compact, Colorful and Connected

Smaller seems to be all the rage for new the leaner, meaner HP Inc., especially those products designed for the style-conscious consumer.



Reforestation at the Heart of the Partnership

Never one to stop growing, however, Print Audit recently announced an exciting venture: integration with PrintReleaf, the leader in setting a global standard for sustainable paper consumption.



Support an Amazing Journey!

Many in our industry know Pete Emory for his kind manner and big heart. Not surprisingly, those are traits he shares with his wife Holly.



Oklahoma Dealer Shares What It’s Like to Offer 3D Print in the Channel

Since HP revealed its Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution last month, the channel has been abuzz with possibilities. With such an industry giant backing this technology, everyone from dealers to developers has been wondering to themselves: How can I leverage this technology?



See What Products We Tested in the BLI Lab in May

In May, we tested a handful of products. How did they perform? Check out this infographic to see the results.



Company Funnyman Doubles as Math/Science Whiz

BLI’s lab staff is a group of intelligent and engaging individuals. Keith Biesiada has been a valuable part of that team for 11 years, performing custom tests and giving his professional analysis. He took the time to tell us about his experience at BLI—and make us laugh a little.



It’s Not Just All in the Family

Practically any organization can claim that it’s in “growth mode,” but only a small percentage of them have the proof to back it up. And it’s not just about adding locations, increasing headcount and boosting revenue—there has to be more in the recipe before the true definition of that oftentimes overused term is met.