MPS Monitor Announces Analytics: Integrated Business Intelligence for Managed Print Services

Advanced reporting and BI features built into MPS Monitor 2.0 enable the creation of a customized analysis environment to dealers’ specific needs




Milan – MPS Monitor has released to general availability Analytics, a complete Business Intelligence platform based on Microsoft PowerBI technology and integrated into MPS Monitor 2.0, the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution for remote management of printing devices and Managed Print Services.


All MPS Monitor 2.0 users can now create sophisticated Business Intelligence reports, dashboards and interactive visualizations to make faster and more effective business decisions on their customers and devices data.


MPS Monitor 2.0 Analytics is based on Microsoft PowerBI Embedded technology: users can therefore fully enjoy all reporting and BI functions by analysing their data, without having to purchase a PowerBI licence, and without exporting or transferring data between different systems.


In particular, starting from predefined reports and dashboards, aimed at effectively presenting the most common information and analyses, MPS Monitor 2.0 Analytics allows dealers to create customized analysis environments in which to blend, filter and interpret - in a focused and flexible way - useful data in the main areas of MPS Monitor, such as connectors, devices, customers, printing volumes, consumable shipments, device fleet status, remote operations and a wide range of other information. The resulting reports are then easily shared with other MPS Monitor users and with customers, providing an optimized management tool that allows to understand and forecast the main KPIs in business operations.


Analytics is accessed from the MPS Monitor main menu, and it provides the user with all the features offered by PowerBI: the creation, in Self-Service mode, of interactive dashboards that automatically update with data from the printing devices allows to customize and improve MPS Monitor’s user experience.


MPS Monitor is a leading global solution for print fleet management and Managed Print Services. The platform is available in the Cloud, in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) mode, for all dealers, of any brand of printers and in any country, who want to control their managed print services in a simple and highly efficient way, improving customer service levels and drastically reducing costs. A free 30-days trial of the platform is available at this link.


“For over a decade, MPS Monitor has been the ideal solution for dealers who want to optimally manage their business processes,” says Nicola De Blasi, CEO of MPS Monitor Srl. “As a further improvement to the platform, already successfully adopted by over 1,500 dealers across 55 different countries around the world, we now add the powerful features of Analytics, which allow the user to analyse and understand all the operational and economic trends and indicators related to their managed device fleet. The use of Microsoft PowerBI Embedded technology provides extremely sophisticated analysis even for users without previous BI experience, thanks to its extreme user friendliness and the wealth of knowledge that Microsoft makes available on this platform,” concludes De Blasi.



MPS Monitor

With more than 800,000 printing devices and 25 billion pages monitored each year on over 120,000 end users, MPS Monitor is one of the major IoT software solutions at a global level for monitoring printing devices and the provision of Managed Print Services. MPS Monitor provides an extremely complete SaaS platform for monitoring and managing printers, available on Cloud, and equipped with a full set of APIs for integrating external software solutions. Its highly scalable and high-performing data collection technology allows Dealers/VARs, large end users, manufacturers and retailers of printer consumables to satisfy any need associated with the management of printing devices, recording of page volumes and supply of toner in an automatic and controlled way. The MPS Monitor Cloud service is managed within an ISO/IEC 27001:2014 certified Information Security Management System and guarantees full compliance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


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