Production Print

Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Awards

18 August 2020

What is it?

An award for a new production print hardware or software product or feature that stands out in its category segment based on basic criteria for significant industry impact. Vendors will self-nominate products based upon what they have announced between October 1, 2019 and October 5, 2020. Products will be judged on their new applications of technology to advance: quality, productivity, connectivity, workflow, media range as well as productivity and environmental impact in six different categories.

Award winners will be announced on October 5, 2020.

Award Criteria

Considerations to think about

Quality (Spec Based)

  • Print
  • Papers (type, weight, and size)
  • Finishing
  • Variable Printing/Relevance


  • Ease of Use
  • Reliability
  • Service Efficiency
  • Paper Handling
  • In-Line Finishing
  • Integration Automation
  • Speeds by paper type, size, etc.


  • Real Estate Space
  • Manufacturing Site Integration
  • Consumption
  • Service & Supplies
  • Equipment Life Cycles and Updates


  • Waste
  • Energy Consumptions
  • Recycling (parts, consumables, etc.)

Scoring Criteria

  • Not new product, but simply a natural progression of new features
  • A significant, impressive, evolution for this class ( a big step forward from anything that has come before)
  • Flat out revolutionary for the class (no one has done this before; this has never been done at this price point, etc.)
  • Impact/appeal is fairly niche/narrow
  • Many (but not all) products in this class may wind up incorporating an innovation like this
  • It’s a game-changer. Competing vendors will be huddled around this to figure out how they WILL be copying this innovation in their next-gen product
  • Technology demo however, quite a way from commercial availability
  • Likely to be incorporated in the vendor’s product line up within 24 months
  • It’s here now or available very soon (End of 2020)

Benefits of Participating

For winners

For Winners


  • Keypoint Intelligence marketing & publicity (e.g. podcast, blog)
  • Joint press release (no seal)
  • Certificate award


  • Crystal award
  • Worldwide license for Keypoint Intelligence Innovation Award seal for use in product and in marketing materials