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PRINTING United 2019
Oct 22 2019
Dallas, TX

PRINTING United is the largest printing-focused expo in North America, with a focus on highlighting the best new technologies, printing convergence and instilling its attendees with latest business-building knowledge.

Join our analysts during the following presentations:


1:00 PM – 4:30 PM
Digital Textile Printing: What, Why and How
Ron Gilboa

Digitally printed textiles have literally changed the "playing field" in numerous sectors, including graphics and sign, apparel decoration and industrial printing. Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends’ Ron Gilboa and a cast of digital textile experts will share how today's’ printing companies, fabric mills, ink manufacturers, and OEMs are working to maximize the possibilities of digital textile printing; how the segment is expected to expand; how a carefully-crafted digital textile workflow is essential to success today and expansion tomorrow, and why digital textile printing—though not new—still offers robust opportunity.


10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
Wide Format Application + Utilization: A Study of Productivity and Profitability
Eric Zimmerman

Big Picture magazine has partnered with Keypoint Intelligence to learn about your current wide format applications, consumable usage, and waste in your production environment. Join Adrienne Palmer, editor-in-chief of Big Picture magazine, and Eric Zimmerman, director of Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends' Wide Format Printing Consulting Service, as they review extensive survey results from a cross section of more than 200 print service providers. Plus, hear straight from the shop floor as an expert panel of Big Picture Editorial Advisory Board members share their companies’ typical hourly budgeted rates, average cost and price for popular applications, workflow issues that lead to increased time and money spent, and more.

Adrienne Palmer, Editor-in-Chief, Big Picture magazine, and Eric Zimmerman, Director of Wide Format Printing, Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends will present the findings during a session at Printing United in Dallas, Wednesday from 10:30-11:15 a.m. in the graphic applications amphitheater.

11:00 AM to 11:40 AM 
Beat Your Competition Without Lowering Your Price
Karen Kimerer

Wide-format printing is one of the fastest growing markets in the print industry today and your competitors are hungry for volume. Don't play the price game! Learn how to create demand, differentiate with your sales process and grow profitable revenue. Attendees will learn: Best practices for creating demand with prospects and existing customers, how to quantify the value wide format applications can deliver to your customer's businesses, and a 5-step plan for transitioning your sales team to a value-creating machine!

3:00 PM to 3:40 PM 
Digital Printing: New Opportunities in Decor
Ron Gilboa

Advancements in digital printing for decor paper, as well as direct surface printing have brought many improvements to the supply chain, productivity, and customization required to meet expanding customer demand for both short-run, small batch work and long-run production. The products produced in this segment are the staple of the woodworking and decor industries because they provide a cost-effective alternative to natural surfaces and in many cases provide a superior and more durable surface for applications from retail displays to architectural elements. Achieving quality decor print layers relied on traditional printing technologies to enabled high-volume manufacturing a low cost per unit. That is changing. Advancements in inkjet printing now enables decorative printing of a varied range of surfaces. With the complementary advancements in material science and digital processing, these technologies are now emerging as solutions that enhance productivity and creativity in industrial applications such as flooring, laminating, and wall decoration.


1:00 PM to 1:40 PM
Digital Print + Workflow = Innovative Fabric Printing Opportunities
Pat McGrew

Digital printing is a disruptive force for many traditional textile finishers and those new to the opportunity. Digital print technology enables short-run, small batch fabric designs for a new generation of designers while also driving fundamental changes in the supply chain as the industry addresses the demand for mass customization. This presentation covers the growth trend in digital printing to help business owners make decisions about where to invest. With a five-year growth trajectory of more than 20% this is a technology opportunity that spotlights highly productive print technology from around the world enabled by innovations in material science and production workflow. Add Industry 4.0 automation considerations, which permeate a range of manufacturing industries, and the migration to digital textile printing paired to available automation solutions and the opportunity emerges to build the infrastructure for cost-effective Just-in-Time manufacturing capabilities. That is efficiency and optimization brands can take engage as they plan for sustainable business growth.

1:00 PM to 1:40 PM
Converging on Packaging: How Printers Can Get Started in a World Dominated by Converters
Ryan McAbee

Everyone is eyeing packaging as a future growth opportunity. It's legendary as a part of print that grows and is not susceptible to digital displacement. Yet, several of these segments are dominated by complex supply chains and large converters making it difficult for new entrants to jump in. How can printers from outside of this space get started? This session will explore the market opportunities and applications for commercial and wide format printers on the edges of the corrugated, flexible packaging, and folding carton markets. Participants will learn: Market opportunities and expected growth, applications/product trends, where to find customers, equipment fit valuation, and understanding key workflow requirements.


10:00 AM to 10:40 AM
Grow Your Business with Supply Chain Wizardry
Pat McGrew

Whether you call it Smart Print Manufacturing, Industry 4.0 or don't name it at all, the emerging trend across all printing segments revolves around meeting the needs of brand owners and the design trade in ever-shrinking time frames with growing amounts of customization. It becomes a supply chain challenge to ensure that raw materials are available, print capacity is in alignment with changing customer demands, and every ounce of efficiency is being wrung from production workflows. This presentation identifies the touch-points along the supply chain and workflow to show where to look for bottlenecks, how to rethink the supply chain into your business and out of your business, and how to enable mass customization products regardless of which print segment you serve. Data from Keypoint Intelligence - InfoTrends surveys is used to illustrate opportunities.

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