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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Document Services

Our research arms you with data-driven insights on how to harness AI, both internally to boost productivity and externally to develop cutting-edge product and services offerings. 



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Anne Valaitis, Principal Analyst

Anne Valaitis is a Principal Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence responsible for Managed IT Services. Anne’s core coverage area includes developing research and analysis in key areas of the managed services market, specifically focused on IT solutions and services strategies.Anne has more than 28 years in the office technology and solutions space. Anne began her career at Keypoint Intelligence in 2008 as associate director covering the scan/capture and document solutions market.


Lisa Brown, Principal Analyst

Lisa Brown is a Principal Analyst at Keypoint Intelligence primarily responsible for consulting projects within the office group. She has nine years of market research experience specializing in the office print and technology industry. Prior to joining Keypoint Intelligence, Lisa held a senior analyst role at gap intelligence working directly with manufacturers, providing analysis and insight on market trends and competitive strategies.

Utilizing Competitive Analysis to Strengthen Your AI Strategy


Industry-Expert-Driven Message Development

Leveraging our immense domain knowledge, we help craft messaging and value propositions centered around AI-enabled capabilities that resonate with your customers. We equip you to articulate key benefits, provide differentiation, and position your organization at the forefront with AI.

Guidance to Adopt AI

AI offers potential but faces implementation hurdles. We provide strategic advice and support to integrate AI seamlessly, including staff education and model training, focusing on customer satisfaction and employee empowerment. Our goal is to position you at the forefront of AI innovation specifically for the print and document management industry.

Assessments to Accelerate Your Success

It’s difficult to predict how emerging innovations like AI will impact your market and transform operations. Our AI services conduct hands-on evaluations of the latest AI document processing tools to measure performance against your existing workflows. We provide data-driven recommendations to help determine market demand, shape compelling products and services, and identify new potential revenue streams.

Insights For Building Impactful Services

Our competitive intelligence and assessments of emerging technologies allow us to guide you in creating services integrated with AI that drive real customer and business value. We identify sweet spots where AI can optimize operations, reduce costs, or enable new offerings to help shape services that have meaningful market demand and adoption.

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AI Insights and Managed IT Services Trends

Anne Valaitis and Carl Schell build on discussions about artificial intelligence (AI) and managed IT services. Gain strategic insights into data analytics, cybersecurity, and other key areas within the information technology sector.

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Documents are rapidly going digital across all offices, with many piling up by the terabyte. But productivity isn’t keeping up—employees still waste tons of time struggling with manual document tasks.

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