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Communication Supplies

Our supplies experts are completely focused on understanding and explaining what the impact of industry trends will be on the office toner, ink and paper markets. 



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Peter Mayhew, Principal Analyst

Peter Mayhew is the Principal Analyst for supplies within the Office Team. His responsibilities include developing research strategy and managing supplies business content which includes market forecasting, primary research, analysis and consulting. Peter's primary focus has been on ink jet technologies, maintaining a thorough understanding of product, channel and vertical market trends in office, wide format and commercial printing. Peter also has a deep insight into adjacent industries including; original and aftermarket supplies, recycled papers and home printing.


Kris Alvarez, Senior Analyst

Kris Alvarez's primary responsibilities as Senior Analyst involve our custom consulting side of the business from scoping project workflows to coordinating and producing project deliverables. Kris also follows news and trends within the supplies space (specifically pulp and paper) and helps provide data-driven insight and analysis into the status of the market. He produces editorial content for the Keypoint Blog and collaborates with Principal Analyst Peter Mayhew on their supplies-focused podcast series known as “C.A.R.T.S.: Cartridge Analysts Ruminating about Technology and Supplies.

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Primary Research

Focused on hot industry topics, these timely studies provide in-depth primary research on subjects that affect product development, product marketing, sales management and training, and overall strategic planning.


Forecasts are updated annually and focused on North America and Western Europe with worldwide coverage where available. They include data and analysis of paper, toner, ink and aftermarket market conditions, technologies, competitive environments, and product and market segment lifecycles that will impact growth rates. Developed using a mature methodology based on a complete profile of printer and copier installations (MIF), shipments and pages printed using actual machine data.

Analyst Access

Benefit from ongoing and direct access to our staff of experts, who are able to answer inquires, engage in market discussions, and provide consultation on forecast data, industry developments and strategic planning. A comprehensive understanding of your industry enables our team to provide customized, actionable information and advice for your individual business needs.

Recent Reports

  • State-of-Industry

    This report is a summary of current market trends impacting the imaging supplies market and provides opinions from our industry experts. Topics covered include the impact on pages, vertical markets, hardware and supplies insights, managed print services, hybrid working, technology adjustments, and print as a service. 

  • WE-Supplies-Forecast
    The Western European total supplies summary forecast for 2012-2026 looks at page printers, copiers, and inkjet printers. The data can be analyzed by 16 Western European countries and, across 25 categories including the Installed Base (IB) of machines in the field (MIF) and, supplies revenue and shipments across marking and media products.
  • US-Consumer-Print_as_a_Service

    Print as a service for consumers is the industry's opportunity to reset the price positioning of printing in the minds of consumers. This study demonstrates that the industry is making progress in helping consumers to understand, and place a monetary value on, the cost of a printed page. 

Educational Resources


CARTS Team Discusses Ricoh-Toshiba and the Office Paper Market

Peter Mayhew and Kris Alvarez (our Cartridge Analysts Ruminating about Technology and Supplies) ponder the reasoning behind the joint venture between Ricoh and Toshiba Tec and what it could mean for the industry. 

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Can You Put Repentance in the Same Sentence as Office Printing?

When the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) takes steps to ban products from a large manufacturer in your industry from entering the US market, you are compelled to sit up and take note. 

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