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A turnkey & maintenance-free e-commerce solution for Office Equipment Dealers.
Never miss an opportunity to connect with your clients
UVERCE® streams the entire e-commerce platform to provide a turnkey & maintenance free experience. From product selection and comparisons to contract creation and online shopping transactions, UVERCE® provides your clients with a seamless customer experience online.

Next generation

tech buyers will do 80%

of their education

& buying online.

Search and compare easily using a full comparative product catalog
Powered by bliQ’s comprehensive library of devices, accessories, supplies and their specifications, UVERCE® provides your dealership with a professional product catalog that is easy to setup and manage. Additionally, it includes tools and content such as product specifications, image libraries, side-by-side comparisons, testing and award information, and an intelligent product recommendation engine that provides an exceptional product experience for your clients.
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Communicate with your clients virtually
UVERCE® provides an integrated communications platform that allows you to interact with clients throughout the e-commerce and/or entire website experience, so you can maintain that consultative experience in an engaging virtual environment.
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A Universe of Possibilities
In our clients’ words
“E-commerce is definitely the direction the industry is going and the way we will be selling products.”
“Having a real-time, always updated Product Catalog that you (Keypoint Intelligence via bliQ) update is going to make it really easy for me/my team.”
“I like that my sales rep/team can still be involved in the sales/e-commerce process.”
“This is what the dealers have been wanting, but no one has been able to deliver!”