Additive Manufacturing

For more than 60 years Keypoint Intelligence has been the UNBIASED third-party lab testing, evaluation, review and marketing partner for the industry. Our dedicated additive manufacturing printer testing lab, with quality control processes, follow in the footsteps of reliable and rigorous testing and competitive information.

Our labs can custom tailor a test for your additive manufacturing device(s) for engineering needs, end client requests, or marketing validation. Whether you’re looking for a competitive head-to-head analysis, pre-launch testing, or even solutions testing, we can design a test to suit your needs.

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Who can benefit from our testing

Who can benefit from our testing?


  • Pre-launch custom testing identifies flaws or competitive feature weaknesses
  • With Keypoint Intelligence’s public tests, we evaluate & research all the latest features and capabilities from the competition and have a deep understanding of different additive manufacturing audience’s needs (end customer & channels)


  • Keypoint Intelligence's Awards are globally recognized as THE standard for our industry
  • Promote award winning products through our and your audiences


  • Salespeople around the world use our independent 3rd party test reports to show the capabilities of your products

Additive Manufacturing Lab Testing and Analysis Services

Tests & Methodologies


Keypoint Intelligence’s lab technicians evaluate the ease of setup, configuration of the device, and make recommendations to optimize performance or quality.

User Experience

The “user experience” provides a detailed assessment of the complete device ecosystem including ease of use of the device, job submission, software and post processing equipment.


With software, we evaluate the slicer and its processing times, device monitoring and management, as well as the different file formats that can be used.

Feature Details and Accuracy

Keypoint Intelligence evaluates several different test targets by putting the device through its paces for different additive manufacturing situations. We utilize in-house measurement equipment to analyze and evaluation device output’s quality in various speed scenarios.

Tensile Strength

Keypoint Intelligence can measure through various methodologies, the strength of the object in different scenarios based on industry requirements.


Similarly, our lab technicians look at a myriad of test targets to ensure the manufacturing repeatability of the same target with consistent quality and speed.


With a myriad of test targets, Keypoint Intelligence also looks and measure the speed of different quality settings to provide users with real life speed expectations from the device.

Chemical Composition

Through our partnerships, we can provide a chemical analysis to ensure the outputs ability can be used in different industries.

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Review and Report Examples

Makerbot Review

Lab Technician, Francis Anamaria, performs an extensive review based on hours of hands on testing of the MakerBot Replicator Plus.

3D Systems FabPro 1000 Test Report

This report shows the results from over 600 hours of testing by our lab technicians to evaluate the speed, ease-of-use, and accuracy of the 3D Systems FabPro 1000.