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Lee Davis

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Dental additive manufacturing evaluations from Keypoint Intelligence

Sep 13, 2022 12:22:28 PM


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Dental additive manufacturing (DAM) is revolutionizing the dental industry. It provides dental practitioners with an in-house lab where everything from surgical guides to implants can be created on demand, reducing costs, accelerating treatment plans, and improving the overall quality of care that each patient receives. And while it’s easy for dentists to understand these benefits (“cheaper, faster, better” is good for business), it’s hard for them to decide which DAM system is right for them, especially when every DAM manufacturer claims to have the best DAM system in the universe.


It’s a huge DAM problem. But helping buyers as well as engineering, sales, and marketing departments understand which technology can best help their business is what we are built for—it’s kind of our thing. Naturally, we had to expand our 3D print testing services to include dental additive manufacturing. How else will dental practitioners decide which 3D printing system is best for their practice?


Let’s take a closer look at exactly what our DAM testing is all about.




Unless you can try it before you buy it, it’s hard to tell how well your dental additive manufacturing investment will perform. Is the output accurate? Is the output durable? Does it take a long time to create an object? You can ask the DAM salesperson or refer to the DAM marketing materials to find the answer, but you’re a smart consumer—you want objective answers. Keypoint Intelligence provides buyers with objective answers to these questions. Our feature detail and accuracy, repeatability, and speed tests show how any given device stacks up against the competition, so you don’t have to figure it out the hard way.


Ease of Use and Maintenance

DAM systems are inherently sophisticated, so it’s likely that dentists who deploy their own will need some help learning to use and integrating it into their practice. In our test reports we overview the user experience, allowing buyers to see just how easy it is to set up, maintain, and use the system on their own. We evaluate user experience from unboxing and leveling the device to replacing consumable parts and using post-processing tools—plus, everything else in between.


When you buy a DAM system, there is so much more to consider than just the 3D printer itself. Our testing includes an in-depth assessment of the complete device ecosystem: the hardware and its bundled software, library of support materials, post-processing equipment, and underlying support, training, and maintenance services. Our analysis helps buyers determine if the dental additive manufacturing system is too complicated to deploy and learn.


Pricing doesn’t tell the entire story. Sometimes there is a good reason why a seemingly similar device sells for a much lower price than its competitors. Maybe the output quality isn’t to that price point’s standard, or it’s just unreliable. Maybe it’s twice the price of all the competitors, but the cost is offset by the operational efficiencies it creates. Maybe the device cost is lower than average, but maintenance and consumables costs drive the TCO way above the class average. Our assessment considers the cost of a DAM system against its overall ecosystem, performance, ease of use and maintenance, and more so customers know exactly what they are getting for their money.


Call to Action: Check out Our DAM Testing!

Keypoint Intelligence’s DAM Test Lab is accepting submissions from now until September 30, 2022. Our testing services enable sales and marketing departments at DAM manufacturers to show customers how their DAM system holds up against the competition, and to highlight their own strengths and differentiators against competitive devices. We can also provide pre-launch DAM testing services, so engineering departments can discover flaws and competitive feature weaknesses. If you’re interested in Keypoint Intelligence’s DAM testing services, please contact Pete Emory, Director of US/Asia Research & Lab Services at Keypoint Intelligence.


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