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Lindsey Naples

Unless you plan on our great grandkids living in space, it’s our only option

Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has grown into a global movement, reminding us of the importance of taking care of our planet for future generations.
David Sweetnam

Our newest certification test program helps frame sustainability into sharper focus

A circular economy is now a cornerstone for sustainability as buyers, corporations, and governments look for greener ways of purchasing. We discuss here the benefits of remanufacturing and refurbishment through Keypoint's testing.
Carl Schell

Company makes bold, smart move in effort to build on success

Why did he decide to take the leap, what does his new role look like, and how do the first 60-90 days of his Sharp tenure shape up?
Anne Valaitis

Why clean and organized data is essential

Many organizations are struggling with data that’s nowhere near ready for artificial intelligence. We discuss here the challenges of readying an organization for AI use as well as the benefits of data organization.
Riley McNulty

Press conference also spoke to the company’s recent restructuring announcement

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. held a press conference to shed light on the newly announced memorandum of understanding (MOU) to form a joint venture with Fujifilm Business Innovation.
Mark Davis

Keypoint investigates why recycling is still so important for consumers

From placing wastepaper in the correct bin at the office to smelting down scrap metal for reuse, recycling is an accepted practice in most countries worldwide. We discuss here the benefits of recycling for print supplies providers as well as the results of a recent Keypoint study on print supply use and reuse.
Carl Schell

Dealers can learn plenty from DME, including preparing for the future of your business

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises is a sterling example of this forward-thinking mentality in the US dealer community today.
Johnny Shell

Embracing green initiatives in a circular economy

As Earth Day approaches, let’s take the opportunity to reflect on the impact of one of the world’s most resource-intensive industries: Textiles.
Kris Alvarez

How Ecolabels and New Policies are Reshaping the Market

As Earth Day approaches, our collective focus shifts towards our environmental footprint and the steps we can take to mitigate it.
Bridget Dedian

Here’s what was happening as spring began to bloom

Staying up to date with the news is beneficial from an educational standpoint, but it can be very difficult to keep up with. We provide here a recap of the news for March 2024.