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The Key Point Blog

Mark DiMattei & Deborah Hawkins

The strategies and stats to finding the best team you can

Service and related programs are estimated to contribute over 30% of revenue to every office equipment dealership and considerably higher margin than hardware. We discuss here some of the key methods of obtaining a successful and modern service department.
German Sacristan & Priya Gohil

Keypoint Intelligence Market Insights leads to upcoming Pacesetter in production print sustainability

Sustainability is the zeitgeist of our era, peppering discussions not just within the print industry but across global dialogues. It’s vital for improving our collective quality of life and the health of our ecosystems.
Lindsey Naples

Statistics to focus on when looking to thrive

To help you understand the key strategies and techniques necessary to boost your sales performance, looking to common practices of high-preforming businesses is a great place to start.
Carl Schell

The opportunities are there, but dealers must be willing to take a chance

Whether we’re talking about bills or catalogs, CAD drawings or billboard signage, a product box or a piece of décor, there is so much communication happening “beyond the print.”
Randy Dazo

Three things you need to be thinking about every day

Automate 2024 was not just another show or event—rather it is a comprehensive exploration into the technological advancements shaping the future of many industries, including print.
Keith Haas

Key takeaways from the day of artificial intelligence education

While many of the OpenText customers were eager to hear about the company’s AI solutions, I was interested to learn OpenText’s views on the role of AI and how it would position itself as a company within that space.
Greg Cholmondeley

A chat with two UK print industry sustainability leaders

The dialogue around sustainable practices is gaining momentum in the commercial printing industry. We discuss here a podcast made with Philip Dodd, Managing Director at Healeys Printers, and Anthony Rowell, Sales and Customer Success Director as well as Sustainability Lead at Tradeprint.
German Sacristan & Priya Gohil

An interview with Komori’s Lance Martin on the J-throne 29

Debuted in a recent announcement, Komori’s J-throne 29 is expected to be another great contribution towards the transformative potential of digital printing. We provide here a conversation held by Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Group Director German Sacristan and Lance Martin of Komori America.
Jamie Bsales

Artificial Intelligence can be used for good, but the potential for evil is real

By now, most people have at least dabbled with one of the leading generative-AI offerings. We recently explored some banter with Gemini that stemmed from legitimate research around artificial intelligence’s abilities, which led to an entertaining discussion.
Mark DiMattei

Protecting ourselves when we can’t trust our eyes and ears

While deepfakes were originally created for entertainment, we have moved far beyond this initial purpose as recent examples show its use to create darker content. We discuss here the issue surrounding the legality of deepfakes and offer some ideas on how to protect ourselves.