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Carl Schell

Which large-scale technology service providers made the cut this year?

While the mega dealers comprise just a fraction of the roughly 1,800 outfits in the United States, a heck of a lot of attention and focus is put on this group of 18.
Carl Schell

Keypoint Intelligence’s coverage of IT continues, along with RPA and the Pitt-WVU rivalry

Like the countries that make up Europe, the dealer landscape on that continent is also just different than in the United States—and (oftentimes) more intriguing.
Jamie Bsales

Proprietary study delivers insights into the MITS areas that companies plan to outsource

Our most recent IT Decision Maker Primary Research study looked into what IT functions are purchasers looking to outsource to a partner provider. This blog and infographic provide some top-level findings of our study.
Bridget Dedian

Summer might be winding down, but there’s still plenty of heat in the news

Staying up to date with all the goings-on and happenings is beneficial from an educational standpoint, but it can be very difficult to keep up with. This blog discusses the top three news articles Keypoint Intelligence covered for August 2023.
Lindsey Naples

A look at printing solutions in healthcare and financial services

Digital transformation (DX) has taken over some markets so strongly that physical print is no longer needed, while there are those who still use both options. This infographic aims to highlight those differences within the healthcare and financial services markets.
Jean Lloyd

Industry leaders in South Africa share valuable insights

On August 24, Women in Print’s third and final event was held at the exquisite Cassia Restaurant located at Nitida Wine Farm in the Cape.
Eric Zimmerman

Joint-venture PSP survey helps to shed light on average earnings

Understanding average pay rates and wage trends is essential for employers and employees alike as it influences recruitment, talent retention, and overall industry sustainability.
Keith Haas

What teachers think about digitalization in education

Of the educators I had the chance to talk to, it goes without saying that most of them credit the COVID-19 pandemic with the decreased turn to printed documents since everyone had to get used to online learning.
Mark Davis

How cloud printing is bridging the gap between the paper and digital world

Cloud printing is not a new phenomenon, but it has embedded itself in our technological sphere because of a need for greater printing flexibility, easier maintenance, and greater financial returns.
Sam Keller

We talk about the 2023 European Software Outlook report and automation

Chatting with the head of Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Workflow Advisory Service, Greg Cholmondeley about trends towards automation in the print services industry and how its implementation will be beneficial.