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Rachel Dean

Focus on delivering speed and energy efficiency in a compact design for small businesses

At its Amplify Partner Conference in Las Vegas, HP introduced its Color LaserJet 3000 series. We discuss here some of the key features of this device, which is designed for SMBs with a hybrid workforce in mind.
Carl Schell

Keypoint leader touts AI, security, and research during conversation with Andy Slawetsky

Among the many lessons learned, or at least very much reinforced, over the last four years (not just by dealers, either): Prepare yourself for anything and do everything you can to stay ahead of the curve.
Mark DiMattei

Stopping generative AI from taking too much

Social media has become a way for generative artificial intelligence (AI) to gain countless amounts of source data to feed into their programs, but now artists are fighting back. We discuss here the idea of "data poisoning" and the software designed to do so.
Anne Valaitis

Navigating the future of work and technology with artificial intelligence

HP Inc. recently held its Amplify Partner Conference in Las Vegas, where the company shared its vision for the future of work and technology with over 1,500 partners from around the globe. We discuss here HP's views on the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform productivity and collaboration in the hybrid work era as well as a range of new products, services, and initiatives announced at the show.
Lee Davis

Artificial intelligence takes center stage at HIMSS24

Earlier in March, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) held its annual event, which carried a theme of “Creating Tomorrow’s Healthcare.”
Keith Haas

What the EU AI Act means for regulations put on artificial intelligence moving forward

Governance around AI has become an increasingly important area of discussion and, so far, there has not been much action taken to address the risks it potentially poses. We discuss here the recently endorsed Artificial Intelligence Act in the European Union as well as the effects it can have on AI.
Carl Schell

What is our research telling us and where are we headed from here?

Given the meteoric rise of AI in the workplace, I’m going to not go out on a limb and say that everyone has had multiple conversations about the subject by now.
Greg Cholmondeley

Insights and opportunities from the 2023 CCX Consumer Survey

In the swiftly evolving landscape of financial communications, staying abreast of consumer preferences isn’t just good practice—it’s a necessity for survival and growth. We discuss here Keypoint Intelligence's 2023 Customer Communication Experience (CCX) Consumer Survey Transactional Analysis, which can help print and digital communication providers tailor their offerings to meet the nuanced demands of today’s financial institutions.
Lindsey Naples

Should we be worried about these new technologies?

Navigating the complexities of newer technology, like spatial computing, requires a widespread understanding of the potential issues and challenges that lie ahead.
Mark DiMattei

Blind faith in AI is causing trouble for its users

Recently, an event calling itself “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” was created with artificial intelligence and ended up being a disaster, partially due to an over-reliance on AI. We discuss here some of the most recent examples of blind trust in AI and suggest some ways to overcome these problems.