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Bridget Dedian

Spring has sprung, new beginnings abound

This blog explores the top news stories posted by our News service for the month of March.
Jean Lloyd

No, really…what is it?

Sustainability is a big watchword right now, and one of the most significant pushes comes from the packaging sector. We discuss here some of the key sustainable practices in packaging, as well as how it affects the market.
Eric Zimmerman

Modularity covers all the angles

Today, Canon announced the next edition of its UVGel line, the Colorado M-Series. Earlier this month, I had an opportunity to take an up-close, in-person look at the M-Series and found it to be impressive for many reasons—which is not surprising as Canon is offering the new line with modular options that “cover all the angles.”
Greg Cholmondeley

Big time consolidation in the print MIS world

Earlier this week, eProductivity Software (ePS) announced that it had acquired UK-based Tharstern Group Ltd. This is monumental news in the segment because both companies are giants in the print management information system (MIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) spaces.
Anne Valaitis

The best offense is a good defense

The Official Cyber Security Summit took place on March 23, 2023 in New York City, bringing together IT executives, cybersecurity professionals and providers from around the globe to educate in cyber protection, defense, and mitigating the risks of attacks. We discuss here some of the key features of the show.
Rachel Dean

Company continues its evolution of devices for office, hybrid, and remote workers

Today at the Amplify Partner Conference, HP is announcing the launch of a new A4 lineup that delivers printing solutions for businesses of all sizes.
Mark DiMattei

What can you do when you can’t trust your eyes and ears?

With the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and superior technology, we must now be as vigilant with our videos as we have been with our images.
Priya Gohil

Engineers have 3D printed a cheesecake

Recently, engineers have established a means to print a slice of cheesecake through additive manufacturing. We discuss here the details of this finding and speculate on how this could affect 3D printing as a whole.
Gabriel Alers

Looking at the communication preferences of Gen Z and Millennials

Keypoint Intelligence recently published an analysis pinpointing generational consumers communication preferences. We discuss here some of the key findings and how they apply when looking at the generational ages of our respondents.
Lee Davis

The box will say “Ricoh,” but everything else will stay the same

When it was first announced that Ricoh was acquiring PFU Limited (manufacturer of Fujitsu-branded scanners), some wondered if Ricoh would restrict the sale of Fujitsu scanner products on e-commerce platforms and through competing channel partners. This blog takes a look at the most recent development of this acquisition and the effect it could have on the marketplace.