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The Key Point Blog

Carl Schell

Of doughnuts, hockey pucks, managed IT services, and remarkable growth

What if your company earned 23 million doughnuts in 2015 and then went on to hit its target of 48 million doughnuts in 2024?
Anne Valaitis

A step towards responsible innovation using artificial intelligence

The White House is taking a step forward in managing the risks and benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) in government with a new policy that tells federal agencies what they need to do to address the risks of using AI.
Deborah Hawkins

The Keypoint Intelligence charter for green initiatives

As thought leaders in our industry, Keypoint Intelligence has a responsibility to advise and advocate for market trends and steer our readership in directions that we believe in. We discuss here our "green" initiatives and projects, including Market Insights studies on sustainability.
Lindsey Naples

Using age to understand technology adoption

In today's fast-paced digital world, the concept of digital literacy is very relevant. While younger generations may seem to effortlessly navigate technology, older adults often face challenges in keeping up.
Eric Zimmerman & Johnny Shell

Innovative opportunities were revealed in Amsterdam

The printing world recently gathered for the 2024 FESPA Global Print Expo, focusing on innovations and opportunities in the sign and graphic, digital textile, and decorated apparel markets. We discuss here the key trends and innovative products that were shown.
Lee Davis

Meet the forever holders of the managed service provider space

Evergreen is a holding company that acquires and nurturers SMB managed service providers with a clear vision of long-term growth. We discuss here some of the key features of Evergreen's business model and how the company can help MSPs plan an exit strategy.
Riley McNulty

The S11 and S11P Nanographic printing presses

A week prior to its March 26 press briefing in Dusseldorf, Landa held its pre-drupa event in New York City and announced the release of the Landa S11 and S11P. We discuss here some of the key features of these new devices.
Rachel Dean

Focus on delivering speed and energy efficiency in a compact design for small businesses

At its Amplify Partner Conference in Las Vegas, HP introduced its Color LaserJet 3000 series. We discuss here some of the key features of this device, which is designed for SMBs with a hybrid workforce in mind.
Carl Schell

Keypoint leader touts AI, security, and research during conversation with Andy Slawetsky

Among the many lessons learned, or at least very much reinforced, over the last four years (not just by dealers, either): Prepare yourself for anything and do everything you can to stay ahead of the curve.
Mark DiMattei

Stopping generative AI from taking too much

Social media has become a way for generative artificial intelligence (AI) to gain countless amounts of source data to feed into their programs, but now artists are fighting back. We discuss here the idea of "data poisoning" and the software designed to do so.