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The Key Point Blog

Carl Schell
The story of Milner is rooted in the simple yet powerful idea of people making a difference. This has been the not-so-secret sauce of success since the company was founded in 1987.
Carl Schell

Looking at our audio series in advance of the worldwide celebration of the format

September 30 is International Podcast Day. Come February, it will be 20 years since the word “podcast” was born. The medium keeps evolving and remains as powerful as ever.
Priya Gohil

A digital revolution is changing the way we buy our keepsakes

The widespread popularity of smartphones means that the average consumer is likely to take photographs with their mobile phones these days. And, given their size and portability, it’s an easy and convenient way for people to capture moments.
Lindsey Naples

Oh, how the tables have turned…

Long ago, employees and employers were on the same page: You come in, you work, you go home. Around 17% of jobs were performed mostly or fully remote—but that number jumped to 44% during the pandemic.
Anne Valaitis
Expansion of products, solutions, and services was the theme looking back at the recent BTA national conference. We discuss here some of the key findings from the event as well as the implications they can have on the industry.
Johnny Shell

The latest findings from Keypoint Intelligence’s Market Insights

Keypoint Intelligence has recently conducted some research to get a better understanding on where single-pass digital print technology for textiles stands, what will the next iteration of single-pass printers look like, and what the future holds for this technology. This blog details some of our key findings from this upcoming market insight research report.
Jean Llyod

Innovation, automation, and sustainability among the highlights of this prestigious event

Labelexpo Europe made a return, featuring numerous vendors showcasing the immense possibilities that arise from integration between analogue and hybrid solutions as well as advancements in the flexible packaging market. We discuss here some of the key features from the show as well as their effects on the industry.
Anne Valaitis & Jamie Bsales

Inaugural blog in a series with emphasis on a solid cybersecurity posture

In the first blog of our series, Keypoint Intelligence and ACS investigate the many facets of cybersecurity to deliver insight and strategy in anticipation of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We discuss some top-level cybersecurity initiatives businesses can take to protect their data.
Anne Valaitis

A closer look at one aspect of Keypoint Intelligence’s Primary Research study

Digital transformation (DX) is the process of applying technology to improve the way a business runs. We discuss here how DX can affect vendors and technology providers as well as share some key findings from a recent Keypoint Intelligence study.
Jamie Bsales

Hardware, software, and services are at the heart of the dealer and customer event

For the first time since before the pandemic, Toshiba America Business Solutions’ Electronic Imaging Division gathered dealers, customers, and key business partners to showcase offerings and impart guidance on its direction and initiatives.