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The Key Point Blog

Sam Keller

We talk about the 2023 European Software Outlook report and automation

Chatting with the head of Keypoint Intelligence’s Production Workflow Advisory Service, Greg Cholmondeley about trends towards automation in the print services industry and how its implementation will be beneficial.
Lee Davis

How does scanning fit into your future, and where are you on your DX journey?

Highlighting the scanning needs of IT decision makers and how it impacts other aspects of their market.
Lee Davis

More details on the Konica Minolta-Epson scanner partnership

Epson America partners with Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A.
Johnny Shell

Sustainability, the Metaverse, and the dawn of Industry 5.0

The textile and apparel industries have been in the process of a digital transformation for over two decades. We discuss some of the key digital elements in the market and what they can mean for the industry.
Carl Schell

Our Office Group leader has plenty to offer to this compelling print services organization

Deborah Hawkins knows the market for workplace technology and has helped build Office Group practice areas at Keypoint (and its predecessors) for 20 years.
German Sacristan

Books enable a strong connection while photos preserve memories

There are two non-marketing printing applications that (if anything) are becoming more on demand: books and photos. This blog looks at some of the key findings of our new study on digital print for book and photo print, as well as offers some insights into the current state of the market.
Lee Davis

Supercharge your digital investments with intelligent document processing

Businesses of all shapes and sizes are benefiting from their investments in digital transformation (DX) technology, while intelligent document processing (IDP) technology enables businesses to scan, read, extract, categorize, and organize information in hardcopy and electronic documents. We discuss here the process of implementing DX and IDP technology and how they can benefit a business' operations.
Johnny Shell

Our new direct-to-film program offers thorough evaluations

Keypoint Intelligence’s new direct-to-film (DTF) testing program, designed to use a standardized testing procedure of DTF printers to produce data for a true “apples-to-apples” analysis of key printer performance factors and demystify some of these business-critical factors.
Mark DiMattei

The sudden decrease in accuracy for ChatGPT is a cause for concern

A recent research paper out of Stanford University and UC Berkeley is claiming that ChatGPT is degrading in accuracy. We discuss here the concerns this development can have on AI use as well as other pitfalls and problems arising in artificial intelligence development.
Greg Cholmondeley

A Parisian approach to commercial printing

In Paris, Americans will pick up a couple of factory-baked bread loaves and toss them in the freezer for a week or two. Parisians prefer to purchase individual, hand-baked baguettes that are made fresh every morning to consume that day. So print-on-demand makes sense to them, but concepts like workflow automation appear to be untranslatable.