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Carl Schell

More on Keypoint Intelligence’s exploration into additive manufacturing

An object printed with 3D technology is cool to hold and inspect, no matter what it is. Understanding everything there is to know about additive manufacturing, however, can be daunting.
Bridget Dedian

April showers helped grow interesting developments in the industry

Keypoint Intelligence's News Service covers everything from print to managed IT to smart workplace and beyond. We discuss here a recap of the top three news articles we covered in April.
Anne Valaitis

Integrating print into a secure infrastructure

ConnectWise and Sharp recently announced a strategic partnership to realize their shared vision of offering secure and effective managed services through their extensive channel partner networks. We discuss here the basics of this partnership as well as the effect it could have on the industry.
Jamie Bsales

This move should boost the bottom line, but at what cost?

Xerox Corp. recently announced that it had donated its Palo Alto Research Center to SRI International, a non-profit research institute associated with Stanford University. We discuss here the key features of this donation as well as its effect on Xerox and the tech industry as a whole.
Mark DiMattei

Keypoint Intelligence’s Randy Dazo is among the many honorees

At the end of April 2023, ENX Magazine announced the list of its 2023 Difference Makers—including Keypoint Intelligence's Randy Dazo. We discuss here the nature of this prestigious list and Randy's laudable contributions.
Mark DiMattei

What happens when going “green” could cost you some green

Sustainability initiatives are pretty widespread at this point, but there are some darker aspects involved in "green" policies. We discuss here the concept of greenhushing and its effects on companies' sustainability practices.
Anne Valaitis

You can let the professionals handle it, but who is left holding the bag?

Outsourcing is primarily linked to how many hands and brains are available at any given time to complete specific one-off or ongoing projects. We discuss here some of the key concepts of IT outsourcing and its effects on the market.
Greg Cholmondeley

What is artificial intelligence, and how can it be used in print automation?

It’s difficult to avoid the topic of artificial intelligence in the news this year, and the hype surrounding the subject is spectacular. We discuss here some specific ways that AI can help the print industry as well as some of its key features.
Carl Schell

Homegrown tech, power of partnerships resulting in an even more well-rounded company

Building on a successful run of roadshows last year, Sharp’s US outfit parlayed that momentum with ever-increasing positivity as well as strategic creativity to deliver an engaging experience.
Keith Haas

How Canon uniFLOW Online helps users step up their zero-trust approach

What organization doesn’t worry about securing their digital environments? While a lot of technology has advanced to better protect its users, bad actors will always be present trying to cause havoc