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Keypoint Intelligence 2023 Business Leader Survey Uncovers Shifts in Direct Marketing Strategy


Keypoint Intelligence recently conducted its 2023 direct marketing communications survey to better understand how businesses’ direct marketing practices are changing over time as they strive to meet their customers’ needs. Survey results were analyzed with a focus on the transition to paperless communications, the ongoing focus on customer experience, and how business marketing practices are changing over time. Additional topics the analysis covers include data privacy/regulations, the role of outsourcing, and artificial intelligence (AI).

This survey encompassed all direct marketing activities, including physical (e.g., printed transactional and direct mail) as well as digital (e.g., e-mail, text, and social media) channels. Over 300 business leaders qualified for participation in this research, and all respondents worked in marketing or customer experience roles.

Greg Cholmondeley, Director of Production Workflow at Keypoint Intelligence, noted that despite marketing communications continuing to shift from printed to digital, a strong majority of respondents have noticed there is a resurgence of popularity in printed direct mail. Issues relating to data privacy are significant factors towards this resurgence. “Nearly 60% of campaigns use digital and printed components for the same messaging,” says Greg. “Businesses should consider taking an integrated, omni-channel approach to their to the marketing campaigns.”  

Along with an omni-channel strategy, it was concluded that personalized messaging is also essential to a business’ marketing plan. Consistent with recent research from Keypoint Intelligence’s Customer Communications Experience advisory service, audiences want messaging that directly addresses their needs and challenges, and communication is personalized for the individual significantly across different channels.

The Direct Communication Research report can be purchased separately or as part of a subscription to other research provided by Keypoint Intelligence’s Customer Communications Experience advisory service.

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