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Keypoint Intelligence and FuturePrint Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Innovation and Global Reach in the Print Industry


Keypoint Intelligence, the global leader in data and market intelligence for the digital imaging industry, and FuturePrint, a recognized thought leader in the print industry with a robust digital platform that delivers a wide array of content and events tailored to industry professionals, are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration is set to advance innovation across the print industry, redefining its future by addressing pivotal topics such as digital transformation, technological innovation, sustainability, and skill shortages. With initiatives designed to make a significant impact globally, this partnership places a strategic emphasis on the European market, positioning it at the forefront of industry-wide advancements.

Anthony Sci, President and CEO of Keypoint Intelligence, commented on the partnership, saying, "Our collaboration with FuturePrint is a pivotal move to harness our combined strengths, enabling us to drive industry-wide innovation, thought leadership and provide comprehensive insights that align with the latest market trends and customer needs."

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder of FuturePrint, added, "'This partnership underscores our commitment as a leading voice both online and through dynamic in-person events with pioneers across the industry. It marks a significant leap in our concerted efforts to spearhead the evolution of the print sector. It enables FuturePrint to leverage the amazing value Keypoint Intelligence offers to the industry through keynote addresses at our conferences, podcasts, FuturePrint TV and distribution of their analysis and research. Working closely with Keypoint will help us to amplify our voice globally, driving innovation at the cutting edge, and directly addressing critical issues such as sustainability and skill shortage head-on. Through this collaboration, we hope that we can continue to connect the industry and shape the future direction of print'."

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Global Innovation and Thought Leadership:

  • Drives global innovation and thought leadership in print technology, enhancing outreach with extensive news, videos, and events featuring industry pioneers, accessible both virtually and in-person.

Strategic European Expansion:

  • Aims to deepen market penetration and influence across Europe by tackling regional challenges and leveraging unique opportunities, reinforcing our industry leadership and shaping market trends.

Comprehensive Market Intelligence:

  • Builds on continuous research and customer feedback with sharp market trend analysis, allowing for refined strategies that lead industry innovation and meet evolving demands.

Anthony Sci further noted, "Through this strategic partnership, we are committed to not just responding to but also anticipating the needs of the print industry. Our joint efforts will set new standards for what can be achieved through collaboration and innovation."

For more information about the strategic partnership between Keypoint Intelligence and FuturePrint, please contact: Nancy Byrne, VP Marketing – pr@keypointintelligence.com


About Keypoint Intelligence

For 60 years, clients in the digital imaging industry have relied on Keypoint Intelligence for independent hands-on testing, lab data, and extensive market research to drive their product and sales success. Keypoint Intelligence has been recognized as the industry’s most trusted resource for unbiased information, analysis, and awards due to decades of analyst experience.


About FuturePrint

FuturePrint is the premier network for print industry leaders and thinkers, providing global print technology news and insights through expert articles, talks, podcasts, and events. We foster innovation and collaboration, supporting industry advancement with cutting-edge content and a robust professional community. For more information, visit www.futureprint.tech or contact Elena Knight, FuturePrint, Elena@fmfuturenow.com