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Keypoint Intelligence and ITEX Coordinators Announce Conference Partnership


Keypoint Intelligence announces it has partnered with the organizers of the ITEX trade show to guide the programming and direction for this year’s show.

ITEX will be held November 9-10, 2021 at the Flamingo - Las Vegas Meeting and Convention Space in Las Vegas, NV. ITEX continues to be the only independent national conference where office technology vendors, dealers, resellers and managed services providers can share perspectives and discuss how to thrive in this evolving industry. Keypoint Intelligence and ITEX will collaborate on show development and market research, with a focus on the office of the future to further enhance the overall experience for the exhibitors and attendees who make up the ITEX community.

“The pandemic has launched our industry forward, and with changing market dynamics, Keypoint Intelligence is uniquely positioned to shape the direction of the conference,” commented Randy Dazo, Chief Strategy and Product Officer of Keypoint Intelligence. “Our objective is to help lead a path forward to help owners, sales, and technology executives see a clearer future to develop their strategy and grow their business.”

“COVID brought the future closer, accelerating the already-evolving landscape of our market,” stated Marc Spring, CEO and Founder of the ITEX trade show. “The industry is at a crossroads today, where technology resellers need to make some tough decisions to transform, diversify, and collaborate. ITEX brings the industry together in one place to provide data-driven solutions. Great entrepreneurs feed off of great entrepreneurs. In a time of high-speed change, we must grow from an exchange of ideas that a Zoom meeting can’t deliver.”

The two-day event brings together industry leaders that will help with learnings from the past and new research findings. On day one of the event, Keypoint Intelligence will be offering pre-show sessions that will address the following topics:

  • The COVID Situation – What happened & Where do we go?
  • The Office of the Future, The Future of Work & Workplace Transformation
  • The Future of Print
  • Future Technologies & The Smart Workplace
  • Solutions & Services of the Future
  • The Future Dealer & The Channel Convergence Phenomenon

Conference sessions will include four tracks covering:

  • The Future of Print
  • Future Technologies
  • Future Solutions & Services
  • The Dealership of the Future

“As the office technology industry continues to change, it’s important that dealers and solutions providers learn how to differentiate themselves to stay competitive,” stated Carl Doty, Vice President and Chief Analyst, at Keypoint Intelligence. “Players in the industry must have a strong focus on the office of the future, the future of work, and workplace transformation.”

Learn more by visiting www.itexshow.com or for information on exhibiting, please contact Todd Buckler at 754-300-1626 or email tbuckler@evolvedoffice.com.

About Keypoint Intelligence
For 60 years, clients in the digital imaging industry have relied on Keypoint Intelligence for independent hands-on testing, lab data and extensive market research to drive their product and sales success.  Keypoint Intelligence has been recognized as the industry’s most trusted resource for unbiased information, analysis, and awards due to decades of analyst experience. Customers have harnessed this critical knowledge for strategic decision-making, daily sales enablement, and operational efficiency improvements to increase bottom lines. With a central focus on clients, Keypoint Intelligence continues to evolve as the industry changes by expanding our offerings and updating methods, while intimately understanding and serving manufacturers’, channels and their customers’ transformation in the digital printing and imaging sector.

About ITEX

ITEX is the largest and most extensive national trade show, connecting vendors and resellers in the office technology space. Founded by Marc Spring in 2001, ITEX was developed to provide dealers with access to a vendor-agnostic trade show. ITEX features practical education that addresses modern industry solutions to help grow their businesses. ITEX continues its mission under Spring’s ownership of being at the forefront of the industry while keeping a pulse on actionable industry changes. For detailed information about this year’s show, visit www.itexshow.com